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Catalin Tzetze

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
original photo & layout by K.K.W
Spotlight on Romania: Catalin Tzetze, by K.K.W

From the Renaissance up to the middle of the 19th century, Western art had been [& at times still is] under-pinned by the logic of perspective and an attempt to reproduce reality. 
Catalin Tzetze [current FB profile photo],
image courtesy of the artist. 
However, aspects of reality can be found in Tzetze's art-work, even though its at a distance (sometimes) from traditional art. Although with some of his creativity its not what you see, but what you feel and sense.   
" blue-ascendent " (2010)
oil on canvas, 60 / 60 cm
(private collection) Romania.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
His use of color is extraordinary in its subtlety - sometimes not bright or primary - and yet it always catches your eye. At times only a hint of primary colors maybe visible; in some paintings there's a balance through seeming chaos between the colors. 
"Don Quixote" ,
oil on canvas,
33 / 41 cm ,
( private collection) Romania.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
Perhaps this alludes to an aspect of life - moments of joy - like bright colors, exist only but so much, only briefly. A balance, and or pleasing contrast is always present. 
Catalin Tzetze - photo by Mihai Kaizer.
Textures are either soft, mild, almost gentle in there look [blue-ascendant "], or gritty, forceful and always visually arresting. Incidental patterns form via textures, a sense of 3-dimensionality is exuded through the lines, colors and shapes they seem to create. In     
Winter forest, performance Tzetze a Tete-a-Tete
(Herastrau) 2011 (Rencontre reguliere RFB),
oil on canvas, 51 / 71 cm
(private collection) Romania.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
Within a few of his paintings there are patterns likes crosses
[similar to Eastern Orthodox - Winter forest, blue-ascendant ", "structura -siena "], which might be intentional, or maybe just a by product of  his technique. In blue-ascendant " I think its definitely there, and given the country he's from [very religious & still conservative in a way], this could be the case.    
"structura -siena ", (2003) oil on canvas, 120/140 cm
(private collection) SUA
Image courtesy of the artist. 
In "structura -siena ",  despite the abstract seeming chaos, there's a linear pattern, two converging walls collide into one. A gritty force is embedded within the wall, among the cracks an apparent crevasse's. A face stares back asking in silence: Are you another  brick the wall?

If you would like to know more, go, or: "Art is the reason, art is the way".       

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