Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hanife Islami

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares.
Original photo & layout by K.K.W
Visual Language: Hanife Islami. By K.K.W

From the Renaissance up to the middle of the 19th century, Western art had been - and at times still is - under pinned by the logic of perspective and an attempt to reproduce reality.  
Hanife Islami - photo courtesy
of the artist, editing by K.K.W. 
However, aspects of reality can be found in the expression of visual language thats abstract; texture, patterns, color, and non-linear forms. There's a haunting, beautiful quality to Islami's creativity, in its distorted, gritty imagery.   


Image courtesy of the artist.
Soft lines meld with a hard, jagged, etching and fluid feeling to the large shapes that dominate her work. These shapes [strange, at first] seem like dark, twisted blotches, but also resemble human or humanoid forms, animals and even rock-formations.  
-honestly, truthful-

Image courtesy of the artist.
A sense of pain is exuded by these strange shapes, a tenderness with sorrow, a nobility without pretension. They either blend with their background or standout in a way that makes them forceful. Her choice in colors accentuates the bold textures and line-work. Patterns emerge and quickly recede, while light mingles with dark or both rages against one another.     
Vendosja e Mbreterise se Qiellit ne Toke
-Emplacement of kingdom of heaven on Earth-

Image courtesy of the artist.
In a way, her art-work has the feel of a Rorschach test; you see what you want, or what's there, or perhaps nothing at all.
Her work exudes passion, with skill and imagination that is beautiful and yet disturbing.    
Ndjenja ( ta ndjesh veten sherbetor e jo Zot )
-Feeling (to feel yourself servant not God)-

Image courtesy of the artist.

Image courtesy of the artist.
Hanife Islami.
photo courtesy of the artist,
editing by K.K.W
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Die sinnstiftende Botschaft dieser Bilder, lässt mein ideales Bild im Kopf mit dem realen Bild übereinstimmen. Die Auswahl der Farben, die verschmelzten Linien und Muster unterstreichen ihre Botschaft. Eine Übereinstimmung des Bildes mit dem Titel und Äußerungen des Künstlers sind deutlich vorhanden.
Sehr inspirierende Bilder, die tief in die Persönlichkeit der Künstlerin blicken lässt.
Eine talentierte junge Frau, von der wir noch vieles hören werden.