Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dark City?

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
with layout & original photo by K.K.W
Abre Los Ojos (open your eyes) - Dark City? Part 1. Curated by Aleksandar Ares, with photography, digital art & text by K.K.W.

Perception (from the Latin perceptio, percipio) is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.
For one of many times in my life,
I had lost hope. Its been months since
I last saw her. "30 Days Of Night"
(title of a comic book series & movie adaptation of it).
Along with Crows & Dragonflies ,
I saw patterns & visions [hardly knowing
what was real anymore].
With two steps back the sky told me the truth;
this was a dream....wide awake.
By the time I reached Flatbush Ave (@ Prospect Park),
it was "All Quiet On The Western Front" (Title of the 1930's film).
Dismounting for a few minutes, I couldn't
remember the streets being this silent, so few people.
Barclays (the new stadium in Brooklyn)
 had risen, like a young Titan;
gleaming, brazen...loved & hated.
Signs were everywhere, but few understood....
and none dare speak.
And even fewer spoke of the elders now;
most were long gone, or gutted, redesigned
on the inside & prostituted for the bourgeois. 
The Great Bridge; Some say we don't cross it,
we're pulled towards it by some force,
like "Ants Marching"
(title of the song by Dave Matthew's Band).
The people had become like shadows,
or maybe shadows had taken human form.
The City changes us, one & all.
Looking back, nothing seemed real.
The landscape slowly receded into the fog.
"Play Misty For Me"
As I traveled on, I strained to recall blue skies,
and the feel of sunlight,
only to realize....I couldn't feel the cold.
The path seemed to curve towards
the sky. And those who followed it?
Moths, drawn to a flame.
" I alive with thoughts that drift away?
Does summer come for everyone,
can humans do what prophets say?..."
(Primitive Radio Gods - "Standing outside a broken
phone with money in my hand")
For only a moment she seemed
uneasy, as if not understanding
where she was anymore.
Onward they marched, oblivious to the meat-hook
realities that awaited them. 

My pulse quickened, as fear and love gripped
me at the sight of her eyes.
" summer nights, mid-July, when you and
I were forever wild. The crazy days,
city-lights, the way you played with me
like a child..." (Lana Del Rey - "Young & Beautiful"). 
The eyes vanished as the light broke through.
Though I could still hear her voice,
like a distant birds cry.
Glass, steel, with a dark gleam;
geometric linear forms dominated the land.
The young were steal the light.
Sic Luceat Lux (Thus, let the light shine).
To look-up is to cringe
at the light.
Is a faded flag, all that remains of our glory? 
To study The City, is to realize there was never
only one, but two, changing with time.
The green seemed so real;
still fresh an unchanged,
like the open spaces seldom seen anymore.
A gathering, at City-Hall Park.
A symbolic place where power & ideas
emanate throughout The City.  
They stood before the great work (by Sol LeWitt).
Did they marvel at its simplicity,
the complexity of its form?
At this humble gathering, a new order
was ushered in.
On an open lawn it stood life-less,
yet powerful.
Geometric patterns, linear form, out of place
and still...right at home.
(By Sol LeWitt)
Stairway to heaven? (artwork
by Sol LeWitt)
" restless dreams I walked alone...
silence like a cancer grows..."
(Simon & Garfunkel - "The sound of silence") 
Gritty, defaced, and un-adored, its buildings like
these that tell much of NYC's story.
"...their all, bold as love. Just, ask, the axis..."
(Jimi Hendrix - "Bold as love")

Watch out for the shadows. 
"...We ride the waves and don't ask where they
go, we swim like lions through the crest,
and bathe ourselves in zebra flesh..."
(Primitive Radio Gods - "Standing outside a broken phone
with money in my hand")

Perception (from the Latin, perceptio, percipio) is the organization, identification, 
and interpretation of sensory information, in order to represent and understand the environment. Abre Los Ojos (Open your eyes). 
To be continued (Jan 15th 2014)

Aleksandar Ares is an emerging poet, writer & curator from Morocco. K.K.W (Kerwin Kendell Williamson) is an emerging visual artist, poet, writer & art critic from Trinidad & Tobago. "Art is the reason, art is the way"
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Anonymous said...

very good!;)

Darnise said...

Nice shots of various points in the city. If I had to choose one that I really liked it would be Along with Crows & Dragonflies!

Anonymous said...

All Quiet On The Western Front

Louveau said...

Poetic , very haunting A journey of a sleepless mind or between dreamy state and Awareness ... Sometimes misty and sometimes a raw beauty .. Takes me inward ..

Admiral Grey said...

Beautiful photos.

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thats very amazing pictures

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So great job! just continue that way!