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Ionut Visan

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Original photo & layout by K.K.W
Spotlight on Romania: Ionut Visan. By K.K.W
Ionut Visan,
photo courtesy of the artist.
One of the most interesting aspects of Romania, since the  post-revolution era, is an intense counter-cultural art scene of young artists. And on this stage you would find the illustrative creations of Ionut Visan. 
Untitled [from the FB album "Picturi"].
Image courtesy of the artist.
Ranging form portraits and nudes, to what seems at times symbolic, to a kind of post-pop-contemporary imagery, his work is gripping in its visual intensity. Like many painters he has a great drawing ability, making making the early stages of his paintings seem almost alive. 
Untitled [from the FB album "Picturi"].
Image courtesy of the artist.
These and his drawings have a slight look and feel, of Henri de Toulouse - Lautrec's work. Strong line-work thats has a gentle flow to it. His paintings tend to be highly illustrative in style, with a smooth brush work and soft lines.  
Untitled [from the FB album "Picturi"].
Image courtesy of the artist.
He captures not just the look, but also the essence of his subjects. A few of his works suggest a possible shift from just realism, into a kind of graphic, post-pop-contemporary style bordering on social commentary ["Cenzurat"].   
From the "Recycling rainbow project".
Image courtesy of the artist.
There's a powerful feel to these unlike his other work, something almost radical. A meaning flows from them that goes beyond what you can see, towards a strange notion in creativity, that even he might not fully know. It would seriously interesting to see him push this a bit further, he just might astound everyone...including himself.    
Acryl/piatra neagra/panza-140x100cm
Image courtesy of the artist.
Untitled [from the FB album "works in progress].
Image courtesy of the artist. 
Ionut Visan. Photo courtesy of the artist.
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