Sunday, May 5, 2013

Allen Spion

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Music now: Allen Spion. By K.K.W

When it comes to electronic music (trance, house, techno, dance, etc) you either like it or you don't - similar to "Instrumental" & "Classical". And while I'm no expert, die-hard fan, or hit-up clubs that often, I know what I like.  
Allen Spion. Image courtesy of Spion.
Operating out of Pula, Croatia, Allen Spion is more then likely one of their best. The first track of his I heard was "Sunday Chords", a dope beat, great flow & a mellow vibe.  (especially when biking in the city @ night) 

"ER45 Podcast 012" (From the release "Few Quarks More")has a rich layered sound thats  smooth & fluid with excellent change-ups, each rolling into the other with ease. My other favorites are "Afternoon foolin'", "Chord Grab", "Rusty Pipes", "Sunday Stories Mix" and "Quantum Emotions" (excellent beginning that sets the pace for 52 minutes & 55 seconds something memorable).

In a genre where one can find a lot generic music, Spion's is one of those that stands out. A composer whose work could make any party/club an awesome event, or walking through the city at night listening with headphones,  more interesting then usual.   

In the studio. Image courtesy of Spion
If you would like to know more, or listen, go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way."

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