Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"The good music label"

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares.
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Music now: Filter Label (The good music label) By K.K.W

The rise of online platforms to easily upload, distribute music, and coupled with the inception of many small labels has created an abundance music (some of it not worth your time). 
Image courtesy of Filter Label
However, this has also seen the creation of some truly great labels, distributing amazing music. Filter being one of the best. Operating out of Skopje (capital of The Republic of Macedonia) since 2007, the label has been providing an alternative to mainstream and larger labels. Something that is of vital importance. 

Album cover for soundtrack of  "Penelope X"
Image courtesy of  Filter label.
Working with great artists like Herzel & Genoveva, Nikola Kodjabashia (one of my favorites, & well-known outside of Macedonia) two very different musical styles and genres, if you will, showing the labels diversity.

Not to mention Akasha FX whose latest release is fantastic, Flextronic, Josh Chambers, pILLOW THEORY, Djaikovski, Abstract Butta, and Little Birds whose current EP is a wicked composition of sounds. Two of Akasha FX's previous tracks were featured on the T.V shows Nikita ("True Self") and CSI ("White Space").

The label has gotten to a point where its releasing some truly great music,  thats having a serious impact. Lets hope it gets even better.
Image courtesy of the Label
Image courtesy of the label

Image courtesy of the label
If you would like to know more, listen or purchase, go to:https://soundcloud.com/filter, &:http://www.youtube.com/user/emiltripnotic

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