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Herzel & Genoveva

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So far I've posted about these two 4 times, including now, and why? "Music soothes the soul of the savage beast." And we all get a bit savage @ some point.  
Herzel & Genoveva. Image courtesy of the artist's.
Back in 2011 they were my first introduction to electronic music out of South-Eastern Europe, and still my favorite. Their music transcends the mere boundaries of any classification and dwells in the area of art. Just listen to the release's "We are alike" and "The action of staying".   
Image courtesy of the artists
What the two produce is lush atmospheres, unforgettable vibes, beats that are hard to forget, with haunting vocals. What they tend to create is tracks that display an understanding for sound that exceeds most others ("Distant Shapes", "Chroma feel", "Memories on tape", "No more lies", "The mirror").

Ghostek (a great electronic musician) rated "No more lies" as one of his favorite 3 releases ( And Igloo magazine said "There's a mesmerizing quality to the sound." While Phonologue said "No more lies" "...strikes as an unusual balance of being a record very much of this moment, and at the same time showing original sound design and compelling collaboration that imparts a kind of timelessness." 

Although Herzel & Genoveva are a duo, both are also solo artists who collaborate with other musicians in Eastern & Western Europe. Theirs is sound that has a distinct feel to it, fluctuating between energizing and meditative.      
Image courtesy of the artists.
Herzel & Genoveva @ Kanal 103 radio-station.
Image courtesy of the artists.
If you would like to know more, or listen, go to:, or:, "Art is the reason, art is the way."

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