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Antoan Kurt

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Described by some as an alternative electro-pop singer & songwriter, the man in question certainly is that. However,  I'd like to think he's more of an artist who is also a composer, producer, actor, multi-instrumentalist, poet and fashion icon (in his own right). 
Antoan Kurt - image courtesy of the artist.
Whatever you consider Antoan Kurt, he's arguably one of the most interesting Europeans operating in New York. Founder of the fusion Jazz project "Taurus Funk Power" (a straight cool groove), he drew inspiration from the NYC sub-culture underground: Mutant Funk, Jean Michel Basquiat, Sonic youth and DJ premier. 

When it comes to his music the verdict is clear; damn good, if not at times great.
"Me Myself, And I" is dramatic as it is smooth and emotional. The vocals melding with flow, and beat perfectly. There's an obvious personal quality to the lyric's, though its the passionate delivery that gives it life. 

"Feel on me" is an amazingly vibrant, funky, electro-pop song that makes you want to dance, grove to it, and pass it on to everyone. There's a genuine good feeling to it, without the sense of cheap commercialization.     
Antoan Kurt - image courtesy of the artist.
As a producer, his work with others? Almost near to being flawless. "Up N'Down" ft. Antoan Kurt, by MAYA (debut EP)is a dope track with a hard-hitting electro-synth-pop sound. "Cigarette's" by Sasko Kostov & The Waiting Waits is perfect. The sound, flow and editing is smooth harmony. The song & band is one of my favorites.

He's also produced remixes for such greats as Beyonce (yeah, Beyonce!) and Albanian pop diva Tuna. Labels he's worked with include Sony Music, Model Electronic Inc, JMC Entertainment, Signs Fiction Inc, Bothom2Top Records and VoxPop Arts. With a record like this and the talent to back it up, Antoan Kurt is certainly one you should be listening to.    
Image courtesy of the artist.
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