Friday, October 7, 2011

Aleksandar Grozdanovski: Q&A

This months cover featuring a photo(KKW)
from "Loft in the red-zone"
Aleksandar Grozdanovski-A.K.A: "Herzel"
self portrait. photo courtesy of the artist.
Photographer, DJ, Sound Engineer, Producer of music, Artist.

Herzel Live @ kod! Photo courtesy of the artist.

SP: Aleksandar, thanks for the interview.

AG: Your welcome Kerwin, thanks for taking an interest.

SP: When did you start getting into music production?

AGAll my life I'm occupied with music! I was playing piano and a little bit guitar in elementary school. After that I got into dj-ing. Still dj-ing from time to time. Then as an artist I was using sound in the art context. In the production of my own stuff more seriously the last two years under the moniker of Herzel. 

SP: Given that music entails a lot, what is your role in production?

AG:My role is everything in the production, from track writing, playing and mixing to cooking and cleaning the apartment:)

SP:What music projects are you working on at current?

AGWaiting for my first 12" vinyl to drop out next month for belgian label Moody Heights, a sub-label of Other Heights. Working on a new EP with my girlfriend and regular collaborator Genoveva. Her involvement in the creative process beside vocals is equally important in the creation of the music. I have to mention also my involvement in a band with my friends. We are in the process to define our sound, but anyway it is going well so far.

SP: Everyone is influenced by someone, music-wise who are they for you?

AGTough question... Many great things in music, from indie, shoegaze to experimental electronica and detroit techno, The list with names will be too long:)

SP: I've seen in your facebook profile your an "Anarchist", what's that about(briefly)and does it flow into your creativity?

AGIt is more about quasi personality in the virtual world. Also if you noticed in a religious views says Buddhist! So, it is written more in a parody way and not taking so seriously the "Facebook" world:) 

SP: I noticed the Buddhism my friend:) but Anarchy is edgy and wakes people up, had to ask:)

SP: As far as photography, what got you into it?

AGMy passion for cinematography in the beginning. Through "moving pictures" my interest ended in the magic of single frame. That's how i've got into it...

SP: That is awesome! Its the same with me. The style of certain cinematographers floats into my photos.

SP: Who are some of your favorite photographers?

AGI will mention only  Bernd and Hilla Becher, but there are many more!

SP: Macedonia is a beautiful place, but has its share of problems, do you think its a good environment for creativity?

AGAny environment is good and bad in the same time, depends a lot in which mood you are and the way you live. But if you are open, and creative person you will find the way.

SP: Aleksandar, nicely said. Congrats on the vinyl drop, let me know where I can order one. And thanks again for taking the time. Cheers!

Aleksandar(Herzel)is from Bitola Macedonia, now working an living in Skopje, capital of Macedonia. He was born August 9th and studied at NATFA. If you would like to know more, go to: Interview by K.K.W. "Art is the reason, art is the way

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