Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dream Reavers: Q&A

This months cover featuring
a photo from "Loft in the Red-Zone"
which was at 23 Wall Street
Happy fans, and a good signing.

SP: Raph, thanks for the interview.

RM: No doubt man, great that you could make it.

SP: When did this all start, the comic process as a writer?

RM: 5 years ago I began working on it, and started designing some of the characters.

SP: Aside from a good story, characters, etc, tell us a little about the dream part of the title.

RM: Each issue has a dream sequence, which features a different artist. Abede Lovelace penciled pages for issue 3.

SP: Who are the visual artists you were working with on issue #1?

RM: Mark Borstel, he's  one of the visual artists, he did the colors, cover, and most of the interior pages. Atul Bakshi did the dream sequence for this issue.

SP: Who are some of your influences in comic books, and or just writing?

RM: As far as that, I would have to say Grant Morrison and Stephen King. By far two of the best at what they do. 

SP: With all creative projects comes problems, what was one major problem for you?

RM: The first visual artist I was working with left me high and dry(Ed)while working on the first issue. It really set things back and left a serious problem for me. I still think Ed is very talented, as do others, but that was really a let down.

SP: Whats your favorites list, as far as visual artist in comic's, look like?

RM: Alright:),  Jim Lee, Adam Huges, Marc Borstel,  and Jack Kirby, Just to name a few.

SP: Will the book be an ongoing series?

RM: Its only going to be 4 issues for this story line. And I have another story coming out called "Flee", which will be out next year.

SP: Raph, thanks for the invite and the comic, and congrats on getting your story out there. Cheers!

RM: Your welcome K, thanks for reading.

Interview and photos by K.K.W. "Art is the reason, art is the way"
Fellow Artist Abede Lovelace("City of walls")
and Raph Moran("Dream Reavers")
Raph with his wife Amitouza 
Alex Widen, of the Brooklyn Comic book Examiner
stops in for a few books and a few words
Raph, contemplating the journey ahead.
Cover of "Dream Reavers" # 1.
Story by Raph, art by Marc Borstel
and Atul Bakshi. Image courtesy
of the artist.

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