Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Wall Street": Rome is burning? Part 2

This months cover featuring a photo
from "Loft in the red-zone" exhibit,
at 23 Wall st for the rest of the week.
The whole place felt like a strange outcast community.

The media were there in droves from every
level. More cameras and mic's then I've ever seen.

The park was a fully functioning world, with food donated
(there was even pizza, I got a slice), laundry done by supporters,
com-link(wi-fi), and places to sleep.

Money was being stamped for spreading the word.

This is when Mark Ruffalo showed up.

He seemed very interested in what was going on. 

He stayed to answer some questions and then
made a his way out. But his presence really
caused a stir and added some force to the scene. 

Zubeyda(left) and her friend. She had
a lot to say about Political views, and
where lives, New Jersey. 

This is there food station. All of the food, water,
coffee, pizza, veggie burgers were donated
by supporters.

Mark Ruffalo again

This is when the Rally started moving towards Centre st

As the protesters were going by
I tried to get shots from an angle
against the construction site
at Fulton st. Mans machines and
creations towering over them.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos, its so good to see the faces of the movement and what its like there. Really makes me feel like joining them:) Mark Ruffalo? nice

Stacy, Bushwick-Bklyn