Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brooklyn: A matter of perception

This months cover featuring a photo
(K.K.W)from "Loft in the red-zone"
The first Dutch settlements were called "Midwout"(present day Midwood)and "Vlackebos"(present day Flatbush). About 1630 land was purchased from the Mohawks in present day Gowanas, Red-hook, Brooklyn navy yards, and Bushwick. The Village of Breuckelen, named for Breukelen in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands, was authorized by the Dutch West India Company in 1646; it became the first municipality in what is now New York State. At the time, Breuckelen was part of New Netherland. Other villages which were later incorporated into Brooklyn were Boswijk (Bushwick), Nieuw Utrecht (New Utrecht), and Nieuw Amersfoort (Flatlands). A few houses and cemeteries still bear witness to the Dutch origins of the borough of Brooklyn. The Dutch lost Breuckelen in the British conquest of New Netherland in 1664. In 1683 the British reorganized the province of New York into twelve counties, each of which was sub-divided into towns. During the American revolutionary war, the first and largest battle, "the battle of Long Island"(also known as 'the battle of Brooklyn'-August 27th, 1776)was fought in the borough. For many years after Brooklyn was an independent city until its consolidation with New York city in 1898. The borough quickly became a magnet for immigrants of various kinds, further adding to the cultural mix, which would always be a strong feature, even far into its future. The official motto of Bklyn is "Een Draght Mackt Maght"(Unity makes strength). The colors, Blue & Gold. The seal of Bklyn is a women in robes, carrying a "Fasces",(a bundle of birch rods tied together with an axe: a Roman symbol)a symbol of Republicanism, from its early political days. All over the borough, as well as the city, you can find symbols of Roman culture, the "occult", "pagan religion", astrology, and the "old gods". All of this is why I wanted to create the project B.M.P. Brooklyn is one of the most interesting boroughs in NYC. Art, culture, various ethnic enclaves giving you fantastic aspects of there culture, It has so much to offer. When it comes to music it has some of the best emerging bands around, noon:30, Clinical trials, two of my favorites(see Articles for posts). Its quickly becoming a haven for many kinds of artists and fantastic individuals, enjoying what's here and bringing something of their own. B.M.P is intended to be a multi-media exhibition involving film & digital photography and short video interviews with residents and local politicians. The aim of the project is to showcase the best of Bklyn through images, which have the power to alter perceptions. "Art is the reason, art is the way". If you would like to know more, go to: Article and photos by K.K.W
Brighton Beach, December 2009.
Canon 28 40mm lens, Kodak pro 400

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