Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Skopje Design Week

The logo for Skopje Design Week.
Image courtesy of SDW
Jasna Soptrajanova Vrteva.
Photo courtesy of SDW
If I were asked to sum up what I have learned so far about the city Skopje(capital of Macedonia), I would use the words of my friend Tanja St-"...a place of many intertwined small worlds, different, yet compact".  Skopje is a city undergoing numerous changes, social, political, and of course the arts. No where is the reverberations of these changes more visible then "Skopje Design Week (organized by Jasna Soptrajanova Vrteva).  
Emile Chaix(France)
Photo courtesy of SDW
"The idea behind SDW is to create a memorable creative experience for all participants and visitors. SDW is a design oriented multi-disciplinary platform that aims to affirm the cultural industry in the region, and stimulate an active role in creating a better business, as well as social and political context for developing creative potential". After the opening of SDW a zero edition took place from Sept 28 to Oct 2nd in Kurshumli and in Skopje. The creators of the event and the artists involved are looking to build-up Macedonian design base and its exchange with the region and beyond. For this, further activities will be organized during the entire year. This will be achieved by linking the activities with the regional and other international festivals and permanently upgrading the international brand and platform ministry of pleasure. 
Marko Runjc.
Photo courtesy of SDW
Of  the designs I've seen so far these 8 are an amazing example of great things to come. Sleek, modern, and visually appealing, they have the feel of "Mid-century"(1933-65) design, the styles of Eero Saarinen, Arne Jacobsen, and Harry Bertoia. The feel and look of their work is characterized by clean simplicity and integration with nature, where form follows function. This of course combined with individual flair, and an ultra-modern retro-futuristic feel. Pleasing to the eye and damn hard to resist, where function is every bit as important as form. Within SDW one can see highly creative individuals seeking to bring fourth new ideas in design, that reaches beyond boarders. Concepts and designs that are grounded in regional beliefs in art, and infused with ideals from foreign parts of the world. Some of the design work can be compared to Scandinavian design, which is rooted in social democracy, and the trend of simple elegance to enhance the everyday, at affordable prices. Along with local and regional artists, SDW includes the work of artists from outside the boarders of Macedonia. Emile Chaix of France, and Xin-Hung Lin of Taiwan, to name a few. Clearly SDW is reaching out toward cultural exchange which will reinvigorate their region and the creative fire within, and in-turn spread this on an international level. SDW is one of most engaging events I have seen in Macedonia since I've been introduced to it, by new friends made here in NYC. I highly recommend that you take the time look(if only through the Net)at something amazing, thought provoking and beautiful. "The overall program of SDW 2011 is an ambitious mix of innovative disciplines, ranging from product design, fashion, jewelry, photography, film, music, theater contemporary visual arts and business issues closely related to arts and culture. Eye-catching and affordable design, high aesthetics in various forms produced by young artists from all around the world is in focus on zero edition of SDW. SDW as open and continuous process stimulates every creative person to express his potential in front of the international audience". If you would like to know more, go to: Some of the material in this article was taken from SDW facebook page and website. Article by K.K.W photos courtesy of SDW(Mence Fetreska, Sasho N Alushevski & Tatjana Rantasha) "Art is the reason, art is the way"
Aleksander Spasoski,(Macedonia)
photo courtesy SDW
Xin-Hung Lin(Taiwan)
photo courtesy of SDW
Vukasin Vukobratovic(Serbia)
photo courtesy of SDW
Tanya Nikolic Cicanovic(France)
photo courtesy of SDW.
Lianne Van Genugten(Netherlands)
photo courtesy of SDW.

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