Friday, November 4, 2011

Anastazija Manasievska: Photography in Skopje

Anastazija Manasievska.
Photo courtesy
of the artist.
Photography in Skopje:   Radost bre!! Article By K.K.W

Stylish and graphic are just two words one could use to describe Anastazija's photos(Radost bre!!), and the young artist herself. From Kumanovo(city in Macedonia), she now lives in Skopje(Capital of Macedonia)studying at The Faculty of Architecture. Consisting of 13 photographs,  Radost bre!!(Happiness)is a digital deconstructed-reconstructed, beautiful melding, of a great time had.
Anastazija manasievska.
Photo courtesy of
the artist. 
Radost bre!! Photo courtesy of the artist
Parts and pieces of moments had, memories fused to one another, of people and a place held in great affection. Using a Nikon D-40 she captured the best of those she knows. Then, through photo-manipulation she gives you images that are sleek, vivid and yet infused with certain amount of grit and grace. They look as if they could be an AD for some new wild fashion house, or a great place to be. The cleverness of Anastazija's work is the excellent use of the camera as a recording device(you can tell she has an eye for placement, composition, reacting to reactions around her), but then going beyond this. Elements of surrealism and neo-expressionism, her photos are a clear intimate look at herself, as much as the people and moment their in. A fascination with time, a watchful eye, a need to recreate reality, and I'm sure, much more. Anastazija show's you, through these images, aspects of the person she is now or may become. Metamorphosis? In some ways her photos show a strong pull towards voyeurism, control, power, and high minded creative photography. And to think, this is just her hobby. Imagine what will be when she starts creating buildings. "To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed. It means putting ones self in a certain relation to the world that feels like knowledge, and therefore like power."(Susan Sontag, "On Photography" 1977).  

"Art is the reason, art is the way"  
Radost bre!! Photo courtesy of the artist.
Anastazija Manasievska. Photo courtesy of the

Untitled image. Photo courtesy of the artist

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