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Meglena Visinska: Amazing

#1 Untitled. Image courtesy of the artist'
'#1 Shot and edited by me. Taken at my favorite place...
my mountain house above the lake Ohrid, 
where I can find the peace 
and escape from the awful cage (labyrinth called Skopje) ...' 
Meglena Visinska: Amazing.   Article by K.K.W

She's studying Business Administration with general Management @ the University of  American collage in Skopje. Born into a family with many artists(one of whom is considered one of Macedonia's greatest painters). Gifted from day one. As strong as she is beautiful,  and somewhat modest. All this matched by her wit and kindness. 
Meglena Visinska.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Meglena Visinska.
#2, Photo courtesy of the artist. 

'#2 Is my favorite accidental shot white I was on a boat ride, 
but when I look at is my freedom that I see..'

#3, Untitled photo. Image courtesy of the artist.
'#3 Shot and edited by me. One of my best friends, 
taken on the top of the Vodno hill in Skopje, this summer'
They say 'one thing leads to another'; and at this point in life I'm beginning think its true. After meeting Ana Piponska in NYC, I came to know some of her friends on facebook. One in particular struck a cord in me from thousands of miles away. Her profile photos are always engaging, powerful, funny, showing you just a little of who she is, or how pissed she is. When I was unable to find any real amount of info on Macedonian painters, she sent me a few links. One of whom, Dimitar Kondovski, turned out to be one of the most popular posts I've done. Kondovski's work is amazing as is his granddaughter, Meglena Visinska. Although studying business she paints, draws, is a photographer, and has a serious amount of ability in graphic art. Since 2003 photography's been one of her main outlets. "I don't really consider myself a photographer"(she recently said). In a way she's right, more of an artist. Her photo's are at once bold and seem straight forward, but then again they have a strong graphic feel. Sentimentality, somber grace, sex-appeal[yeah, I said it, deal with it:], an emotional quality to her photographs. Like certain creative people who take up photography she knows how to get the best out of her subject. The ability to react to the moment, or plan it well. In image  #4 the subject is placed against the yellow background with a dark flower boarder, both compliment each other in a contrasting way. There's an excellent sense of light and dark while the subject gazes directly at you; her look suggesting both predator & prey. In image #1 the first thing you notice is color; powerful thought provoking color(according to science blue's & green's stimulate the mind). The icy blue mountains hover just above the green while the gentle dark leaves drape the scene.  Aside from all this natural beauty there's the bird cage; melded to the scene though almost invisible. The general symbolism is somber but not without hope; did the bird die, was it let go, or was it never there? Perhaps the viewer is meant see that to the artist her world(Skopje)is a beautiful cage? That at times she cannot help but feel this way? Any way you slice it, its some kind of wonderful. In image #2 the subject is reduced to a silhouette; an elegant shadow awaiting the dawn or the sun coming out to greet the shadow? Its no longer alone, for in the moment if only in that moment, these two are one. The subject becomes a visual representation of the artist; one with the scene if only for a moment, then the moment is gone, but the photograph,  is forever. What your looking at is not just photographs but her. An emotional reflection of the woman herself; the intensity of the fire,  that is her personality. If you would like to know more: "Art is the reason, art is the way".    
#4, Untitled photo. Image courtesy of the artist
'#4 Shot and edited by me. Last year. My best friend Marija and .... 
just as you said...trying to get that predator & pray moment' 

#5 Untitled image. Courtesy of the artist.
'# 5 is actually not my picture... 
is just something that i found on the internet, 
and felt that it represent my feelings sometimes....
and my ability to just give away my heart 
for someone just as the picture shows'

#6, untitled image,  Courtesy of the artist. 
'#6 is shot and edited by me. One of my friends eyes' 

Meglena Visinska.
Image courtesy of the artist.
Meglena Visinska. Image courtesy of the artist

Meglena Visinska.
Image courtesy of the artist

Meglena Visinska.
Image courtesy of the artist.

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