Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chick-P on Bergen St

This months cover, and one of
our best.
Chick-P @ 490 Bergen St, Brooklyn N.Y
A warm, well-lit interior, excellent food
 and a great staff. Chick-P
'The wait is over, park slope's premiere restaurant for home made hummus & falafel is finally here!' @ 490 Bergen street, off Flatbush ave, Chick-P is there serving up someamazing Israeli style hummus & falafel. Their made[falafel sandwiches]fresh daily with the best quality ingredients,[as is all of the food served] gluten free and fried in 0% trans-fat oil when ordered. One can choose from Sandwiches, Platters, and or salads. If you never have or never been, try the 'Classic Forever falafel'[green falafel, hummus, israeli salad & tahini], topped off with israeli hot-sauce[a beautiful green spicy-hot, bold mixture with flakes of red-orange peppers]. The "Classic" is an even mix of pure delight; bold & filling with a tangy fresh zest[add the hot-sauce, you'll dig it]. The green falafel, hummus, tahini & hot-sauce combine to give you something good, a real great food-moment on yet another Saturday. And the small side of sliced pickles & two olives is a wonderful touch. The service is spot on and at times generous; they may bring your food to the table. An excellent source of vegetarian protein and calcium, the choice is plain enough. @ $6 & change, its not a deal, its a beautiful thing. Chick-P @ 490 Bergen St, brooklyn N.Y. Nazdravje(cheers!). If you would like to know more, go  

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