Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick bite: @ PIQUANT

This months cover, one
of our best.
Bklyn calling: Quick Bite @ PIQUANT
By K.K.W
Situated @ 259 Flathbush ave in Brooklyn N.Y, Piquant at first glance doesn't scream glitz & glam, but like so much in Bklyn its the inside that gives the outside its charm. The restaurant specializes in modern south-western cuisine. A friend an I stopped in for a quick bite, beer and wine. Ana had the Atlantic salmon ceviche(diced salmon ceviche, avocado-mousse, capers, cilantro, lime in a blue tortilla)which she thought was 'light but very filling, and the flavors were so amazing. perfect with the sauv/blanc, so good'. I love fish but really had a taste for beef that day. The Skirt Steak really hit the spot(Marinated with a side of chimichurri sauce). The meat was tender as the sauces were were zesty, tart, and seriously pleasing. Dip it in the pretty green sauce and its a beautiful thing. Spices, flavors and sweet beef combine make you happy. All going hand in hand with Jamaican Red-stripe beer. Cheers! If you would like to know more go to:www.piquantnyc.com/  "Art is the reason, art is the way"

The interior is really spacious and inviting.

Jamaican Red-stripe beer

I should have taken Ana's photo before the waitress:]
Bad form.

Apology accepted:)  

Skirt steak. So good

Atlantic salmon ceviche.

The back-yard/garden.

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