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First look: Derrick Adams

This months cover,
version #3. Photo by
taken @ Central park 2010.
Canon 28, 40mm lens
fujifilm 400
First Look: Derrick Adams.  By K.K.W
When it comes to his art "...the world he creates reflects the relationship between man and monument coexisting in the landscape as representations of each other". 
Derrick Adams.
Photo by K.K.W
taken @ "
The February Show" 2011,
Ogilvy & Mather
The first time I met Adams was @ DD172(Dash Gallery, started by Damon Dash)back in September 2010. He was curating the D.I.Y(do it yourself)exhibit and I was an intern learning the ropes. He struck me as a talented artist whose art and view of such, are advanced to say the least. I couldn't help but be affected by this. Originally from Baltimore MD, Adams received an MFA from Columbia University. He taught at Maryland institute collage of Art and was the founding director of Rush Arts Gallery. When it comes to his art Adams is inspired by images of the past, his culture and that of others. However his, like certain others, is not a style or way of presenting his ideas that is always visually identifiable to everyone. Bricks, "hoodies", boxing shorts, and other examples of urban life may, or may not go into his art. At the MoMa on 12/16/11 I saw the work of Huma Bhabha(American born Pakistan, 1962)and Sanja Ivekovic(From Croatia). I quickly thought of the similarities in their work. Bhabha uses organic and industrial materials to make composite sculptures, Ivekovic as well to a certain degree. For Adams as well its those objects man creates, and comes to need, or feel as they are needed, that stir his imagination. He's driven to create and re-examine the elements of his world. His latest project involves "contact paper" used to create 100 drawings, to be exhibited at the Tilman Gallery. The project is centered around the male black figure, images that are not entirely representational, based on an idea, a way of looking at the subject. Each of the drawings are 2 dimensional with a geometric angled look, bordering on a cross-section of a 3 dimensional image. When I spoke to Adams he said "I really approached it from the inside out. Dealing with a set social group; intermingling concepts, an exercise for myself, I've never made 100 drawings. I'm trying to get inside the human body and architecture..."  Pattern, texture, form, color, concept, towards and understanding that highlights the performative and often duplicitous identities of urban objects, iconography and architecture. Derrick Adams is one of the most interesting artists I've met in the last two years. Although our respective art-form(s) is different, conversing about it and life leads to certain similarities and ways of looking at it all.Nazdravje!(Cheers & good health) If you would like to know more go "Art is the reason, art is the way" All photos were taken with a Canon EOS AE, 58mm lens & Walgreens 400 film.
One of Adams pieces. Untitled, brick, "hoodies",
and a small figurine. Photo by K.K.W
@ "The February Show" 2011
One of Adams pieces, untitled.
brick, boxing shorts &
a sports trophy. Photo by K.K.W
@ "The February Show" 2011
One of Adams pieces, Untitled,
brick, "hoodies",
and a small figurine.
Photo by K.K.W
@ "The February Show" 2011

@ "The February Show"
photo by K.K.W

@ "The February Show". Photo by K.K.W

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