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Biljana Vasileva: Art in Macedonia

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Dec 2011.  
Biljana Vasileva. Photo courtesy of the artist
Biljana Vasileva: Art in Macedonia,
By K.K.W

Head of the design & production department @ MPM(Media Print Macedonia), WAZ Media group. She studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Skopje(capital of Macedonia). Born on Dec 9th, she loves cats(Pero). Biljana Vasileva is a fantastic artist with a wide range of skill's, interest's, and things to say.   
A recent exhibition of the artist work
@ Gallery UNA.
At a particular point in life (a death in the family) she used her gifts to create a series of pen & ink drawings that seem like portals to a strange, gritty, dark and beautiful world. A place that exists through the pain of her loss. Looking at the artwork you can see her ability to recreate what she observes (reality) in a traditional manner, and with an abstract expressionistic flair. There's a strong sense of light and dark; a visual representation of her mood at the time, and maybe her world at large. The eternal struggle that none can escape, but learn to cope with. The mediums she choose could be seen as her need for simplicity at the time, the comfort and protection of her mother, when life seemed easy or easier. Back to the child, but through the mind of a woman. All the images have a similar look and feel, but some have a fluidity and graphic appearance. Yet others have a strong, bold line- work that gives it a very expressive, illustrative quality. In image #1 the composition is very modern, at an angle, giving more power to the figures. The 3 figures in the foreground are defiant in the face of their hardship(s) and pain, while the 3 behind seem somber and unsure. 

The 2nd image seems like an abstract painting of a battle, two warriors on horses with the sun setting in the backround. This one has a strong fluid appeal, more abstract with broad, heavy use of the ink. #3 shows a love of nature, landscapes, and traditional forms of art. Despite the dark feeling of it there's an abundance of light, pushing back the dark. The landscape is almost pure, untouched by the hand of man. And yet there are no animals or people, its a private place where only she can roam, wanting to be alone. Or maybe, at times, in her mind and the world at large, she doesn't have a choice. Biljana Vasileva's artwork is haunting, remarkable, dark and beautiful like her. Its another great example of art, in Macedonia. If you would like to know more go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way", Nazdravje!     
Image #1, photo courtesy of the artist.

Image #3, photo courtesy of the artist.

Image #3, photo courtesy of the artist

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