Monday, December 12, 2011

"Marry, F$%k, or Kill- The game", A play by Joanne Mosconi & Brad T Gottfred

This months cover,
version #3. Photo by K.K.W
Taken at Central park, 2010
Canon 28 40mm lens,
fujifilm 400
Before & after: "Marry, F&$#k, or Kill-The game(A play by Joanne Mosconi & Brad T Gottfred) By K.K.W

Joanne Mosconi

Ana Piponska & Michelle, PR for the Play.

Michelle-PR whiz 

Tokyo, in the corner with the dark hair.

Some of the cast of the play.

From top left-right, Nova Mejia-"Jacqueline",
Warren Bub-"Vince", Jack Dilday-"Billy",
Costa Nicholas-"Doc", Jamie Soltis-"Jean",
Joanne Mosconi- Co director, Amanda Sywak-
"Lily", Candace Bryant-"Victoria",
Joe Dawson-"Arden"  

Montes(97 Macdougal st)where the
after party took place.

Warren Bub, on the right.

Costa Nicholas, on the right.

Warren Bub & Candace Bryant

Warren Bub & Costa Nicholas 

Joe Dawson, Warren Bub,
& Jamie Soltis

Michelle-PR, & Joe Dawson

Costa Nicholas, Nova Mejia, Ana Piponska,
& Tokyo.

Jamie Soltis

Jamie Soltis

Michelle-PR & Jack Dilday

Ana Piponska, Candace Bryant, & Tokyo

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