Thursday, December 29, 2011

Genoveva Kachurkova: Q&A

This months cover,
photo by K.K.W. Taken
@ Central Park N.Y.C,
2010, Canon 28, 40mm
lens, fujifilm 400.
Genoveva Kachurkova: Q & A. By K.K.W

Genoveva, image created by the
artist, Herzel and
courtesy of both.
She studied @ The University of Sheffield, is from Skopje, Macedonia, and is a solo musical whiz in her own right. She also sings in a choir and works with Herzel and Petar Petkovski(two of Macedonia's best)from time to time. Genoveva is certainly one of Skopje's best.

  SP: Genoveva, thanks for taking the time.

  GK: Your welcome Kerwin! 

SP: What got you into this kind of music? 

GK: I was just following my inner feelings in music. So I got where I am now. I feel so blessed because I am surrounded by the most honest music lovers on the planet, and that inspires me endlessly I think.    

SP: When did you start working with Herzel?

GK: We started working together about one year ago. I started recording some short samples for his tunes, and over time we continued to explore sounds together, just as fun and with no intentions to release whatsoever. 

SP: What's your role in it all, composing, producing?

GK: Depends on the project. Some projects we do together from scratch. I compose some little melodies, work on arranging, play around with my voices. But I feel we both combine our strengths and tend to let things flow naturally in the creative process.

     SP: Everyone has been influenced by someone else, give us some of yours?

GK: I think I have different influences from different time periods, from soul to ambient, electronica, up to all the new “post post” genres ϑ. Different influences come to the surface on different projects. I am singing in a choir, so I notice choir and ethno influences in my voices on some tunes. It is all one big mash-up ϑ

SP: Your first project, or group of tracks released, what was it called and what was that like?

GK: I was featured in two tracks of Herzel’sMaps & Thoughts”, releases for Filter Label, and we have a mutual vinyl release coming out soon for Other Heights.  

SP: where can we buy and download your tracks?

GK: On all digital services (Juno, Beatport etc.). Also we have some collaborations as free releases on Greenfields netlabel (

           SP: The event in Berlin you and Herzel posted     about on FB, what was it and how did it go?

GK: Herzel had a Dj set there, great party. We have been invited to do a joint live show in one art gallery there in spring, I’m sure it will be a pleasant experience.

SP: Genoveva, thats awesome the set in Berlin was a great party. And I hope the event @ the gallery in spring is more than just a pleasant experience:). Cheers! And thanks again, great interview.

If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way", Nazdravje!

Genoveva, photo courtesy
of the artist.

Singing @ the church of saint Sophia,

Genoveva, photo courtesy of the artist.
Genoveva, Photo courtesy of the artist.

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