Thursday, December 1, 2011

Darkin D'Sky-Photography in Skopje

Photography in Skopje: Darkin D'Sky. By K.K.W
#1, Self portrait 2011. Photo courtesy of the artist
As with all other art forms, photography can lend itself to the mind-set, emotions, and viewpoint of the artist. The photographs of Darkin D'Sky not only exhibits this but does so with a powerful feel. From Skopje, Macedonia(Fyrom), his photos often display a fascination with light & dark, an intense examination of his environment and thus himself. Some of his photos displays an ultra- smooth, uniform, Hi-Res look, which gives a rich elegant feel to the subject. From what I've learned about his country, it could be theorized that his photos capture something of the current nature of Macedonia(politics, economics, public opinion), and many of the people there. And this outlook would not be entirely "negative", but realistic-dramatically so. At times the dark out-weights the light, but there's always light and therefore hope, even when its not spoken of. Still yet other photographs of this "Dark knight" have a slightly gritty, Hi-res, Hi-contrasted graphic look; where the dark is pushed back by the light or in equal amounts(it makes sense at a musical performance or rehearsal, many people, large amounts of energy. image #3). This makes the photos appear intense and bright, as if they could light up a room, or the mind's eye. Darkin D'Sky's photos, to a certain extent, displays a similar feel like Caravaggio's paintings, "The calling of saint Matthew", "St Jerome", "David with the head of Goliath" etc. That dramatic clash of light and dark(the story of the universe, the story mankind, of Macedonia); darkening the shadows and transfixing the subject in a shaft of light. Sometimes the light is soft or almost blinding. Oscuro into chiaroscuro.  His photographs are yet another prime example of great art, in Macedonia. Nazdravje! If you would like to know more go "Art is the reason, art is the way"
#2 untitled. Photo courtesy of the artist. 

#3 Untitled. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Macedonian artist, 
musician, Sasko Kostov 
on the set of a movie ,
"Omnibus Skopje" or "Skopje Remixed" 
I'm not sure of the title

#4 untitled. Photo courtesy of the artist.
#5 untitled. Photo courtesy of the artist.

#6 untitled. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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