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Katarina Doda - Q&A

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Interview with Katarina Doda (the art of Jewelry design) - By K.K.W

This month we're focusing the spotlight on an amazingly charming little country, brimming with the possibility of a new creative, cultural capital in the Balkans

Design by Katarina Doda. Image courtesy of
the artist.
Katarina Doda.
Image courtesy of the artist.
SP: When did you start professionally creating jewelry, and what was it (if anything) that influenced you to do this?

KD: All my life I was in contact with filigree jewelry. This is our family trade. Unfortunately, my parents decided to do something else, we have a family business, we make the tools needed to create Filigree and gold jewelry  - furnaces for melting gold & silver. Also I was working on the presentation of our products at fairs ,exhibition etc. But, all the time my biggest wish was to make jewelry. After I start with mechanical made jewelry, Filigree jewelry, handmade jewelry, unfortunately I  lose priority, but never value and beauty. It's the reason why I decided to extend my family craft, to keep the  traditions and old  heritage. I had many ideas, many jewelry designs in my self! Although I knew how to make a Filigree jewelry, in January 2010 I started going to school, to hone the knowledge. After 6 months at school,  I established  my  workshop - Filigree Workshop 'KD Jewelry'.

SP: Given that your creations are functional works of art - are there other art forms that influence your designs?

KD: Yes, Filigree jewelry is art, each piece of jewelry is unique, it is not possible to repeat the same pattern. I design and prepare a special piece of jewelry, for special occasion
while simpler patterns are worn in daily life. Hand made jewelry is unique, each piece of jewelry is an individual, and it seems extravagant. Handicrafts Filigree jewelry for the consumer creates a sense of uniqueness; feels special, gives security, increases confidence. The inspiration for my jewelry is books. In books I mostly find inspiration for my designs, my travels, new friends around the world, learning about new cultures, the unusual architecture of the city ....
Filigree is one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry in the world, but today's art, modern art influences my designs. I  create modern jewelry using traditional motifs.

Design by Katarina Doda.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
SP: Can you give a little insight to your process - do you sketch and idea on paper, then work with the metals (or does someone else create the jewelry based on your ideas)? 

KD:  My workshop is fully equipped with all the machines and tools that are required for a filigree jewelry, and I'm the only one in Macedonia that has a fully equipped workshop. I am doing a favor for another artisan involved in the making of Filigree Jewelry, preparing materials for them. The process of making the jewelry is very long. It starts with the preparation of the material, melting silver, pouring the silver into the mold, drawing  the wire to 1mm, drawing  the wire to 0.25mm, wrapping wire, waltz wire. Then comes the design model. All my ideas I sketch on paper. But, the final design comes when I start making the jewelry. And the end, the final part, cleaning with different types of acid, polishing, painting the jewelry. Painting using a special color to get an antique look.

SP: It seems two aspects of your designs are nature & to a lesser extent, religion. Is this reflections of who you are?

KD:  More often I  find myself in nature. I love the natural motifs, mostly flowers. I want to introduce the love in my designs. That's me, there I find myself. Jewelry, what I make  is elegant, extravagant but acceptable for daily life. Rarely I use religious motives, I believe that religion is a very 
intimate part of my life and I want to keep in myself.

SP:  What is it that moves you - the jewelry itself (the end result), the process, how does jewelry make you feel as a woman?

KD:  Making jewelry fills me completely. I love my job, it makes me happy. I love each piece of jewelry I give myself, I love when I see my clients happy. With many of them I am in touch, I get positive comments, they are happy to have my jewelry, it makes them joyous, fulfilled, have higher confidence. I like to wear my jewelry, it makes me feel like a woman. Especially after a hard day in the workshop, dinner with friends, a place to make a complete transformation of the self. In that way most it helps me.

Design by Katarina Doda.
Image courtesy of the artist.
SP:  You recently got back from a trip to Santa Fe for a folk art market - how did this happen?

KD:  Oh, it was the best event in my life!!!
In 2012 I was at the festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There was artisans who participate at the Santa Fe festival. They spoke about this  Festival like something most important. In this moment I think in my self 'is it true, is a possibility'. When I came back to Macedonia I started to prepare application, that was really long and hard process, but successful for me. Santa Fe is, firstly different city than another part of the world, different people, they live for the festival, are proud that they have the best festival in the world. They appreciate Art. That was my first experience. I was very happy, people recognize the value and beauty of Filigree art, handmade jewelry. I had really nice communication with visitors. They were interested to learn about Filigree, and for me this was great pleasure to show to visitors all the process for making the jewelry. Participated in 60 countries, it is the largest folk-art market in the world. It was also interesting to meet people, artisans from all over the world, new friends, opportunity for cooperation…

SP:  What do you think about the jewelry design scene in Macedonia?

KD:  Macedonia is a country rich in cultural heritage, various traditional trades, but unfortunately very small and there is not much possibility for crafts to come into play, especially when it comes to jewelry. Very few people professionally engaged in production of jewelry. But they work very well, unique designs, excellent quality and can be compared with the greatest design houses in the world. For me, this area is very small, so I decided to represent my work throughout the world. I am proud of myself because my jewelry worn on every continent. People  have  my jewelry all over the world, and is really a wonderful feeling.

Design by Katarina Doda.
Image courtesy of artist.
Katarina Doda, @ work.
Image courtesy of the artist.
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