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Q&A: Melani Dimitrovska

S.P cover_Sept 2013.
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by Aleksandar Ares.
Photo by Miss Dimitrovska
Fashion in Contemporary Macedonia: Q&A with Melani Dimitrovska. By K.K.W

This month we're focusing the spotlight on an amazingly charming little country, brimming with the possibility, of a new creative capital, in the Balkans. 
Melani Dimitrovska,
image courtesy of the artist.
SP:  When did you first decide to begin designing?

MD: I've been interested in identities of the people since I was in Primary school, but haven't engaged in designing at that time. I started drawing fashion illustrations and designing clothes when I stated my studies at the Faculty of Art and Design.

SP:  Especially in Europe, the influences of fashion design & styles is enormous - were there any that really moved you & effected your work?

MD: I usually work on a specific subject, specific theme and get inspired by researching the concrete thing. There are many styles [for example futurism] that effected my work but my style is independent. The form of my designs is usually inspired by architecture and industrial design. I get inspired by the designer Hussein Chalayan for using new materials in fashion, for my avant-garde designs.

Design by Melani Dimitrovska.
Fashion Week Bitola
Image courtesy of the artist.
Design by Melani Dimitrovska.
Fashion Week Bitola
Image courtesy of the artist.
SP:  A certain amount of fashion tends to appeal to bold people because of its artistic look - would you say your designs are more functional or creative?

MD: All of my designs are functional. Some of them are functional on a scene, some on ordinary day or night and others are designed to be functional on special occasions, It depends on who is wearing the creation. My target group is cool people. 

SP:  What's your favorite part of designing?

MD: My favorite part of designing is the realization  of the designs and their final product such as fashion photography or a fashion show.

Melani Dimitrovska.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
SP:  I know most of your designs are haute couture, but have you given any thought to a more practical, stylish, affordable line that could be mass-produced?

MD:  My designs are not Haute-Courtue. Haute-courtue means hand-crafted and custom-made clothes for each client with specific and expensive textile materials. If I have to classify my designs, I'll put them in Demi-courtue which is between haute-courtue and ready-to-wear. The clothes look like haute-courture but they are ready to wear. I would also like to try an create a stylish affordable line that could be mass produced.  
fashion collection: future warrior
design: melani dimitrovska
models: podium model agency
photography: istok avdich
make up artist: nebojsha peshevski
hair style: studio joy
Image courtesy of the artist.
SP:  Having your designs shown in places like NYC would be wonderful I'm sure; if such a thing were possible, would you be interested?

MD:  Sure, thats a good idea. :) ))

SP: What do you think of the fashion scene in Skopje, does it need improvement & if so,  what can be done?

MD: In the last few years as "fashion-weeks" [Fashion Weekend] has started and because of the new faculties of fashion design,  the scene in Skopje started to grow. Many of the designers are more active than before. They are creating new lines and promote them on Fashion week together with fashion brands and designers from other countries. But there are still plenty of difficulties for the young designers in Skopje. There is a desperate need for conceptual shops, designers clothing shops, etc..

Design by Melani Dimitrovska.
Assembly Designfestival  Graz May 25th 2013.
Model: Luzia Stella Zinganel.
Image courtesy of the artist.
Melani Dimitrovska. Image courtesy of the artist.
She's arguably one of the best young designers in her country, and her region of the world. And though not many here in NYC know her name & designs, that will soon change. Melani's fantastic designs are the beginning of a major fashion house in contemporary Macedonia, that will last beyond this time. Cheers! 

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