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Milena Atanasova - Q&A

One of this months covers.
Design by Aleksandar Ares & layout by K.K.W.
Dress design by Katerina Mikrut.

Photo by Leni von Geleva [NeuErotik]
Model: Milena Atanasova
Interview with Milena Atanasova [design from Atami]. By K.K.W

This month we're focusing the spotlight on an amazingly charming little country, brimming with the possibility of a new creative, cultural capital in the Balkans.
Milena Atanasova - designer & model.
Dress by Katerina Mikrut,
photo by Leni von Geleva[NeuErotik]
SP: When did you start taking fashion design seriously?

MA: Art, in general, was always present in my life thanks to my closest family members, hence the love for it. The games in which I enjoyed the most were always somehow related to art. Later on the games turned to be a true conscious love and a way of life. So, normally, this love brought me to Fiorentina academy, Academia Italiana, where I graduated in fashion design, and my story finally got a serious character. 

SP: Influences come from everywhere, but does yours come from only the fashion world?

MA: Fashion comes from people. It is a personal visual expression. Fashion has an unbreakable connection with people and society. So, I get my inspiration from every corner, street, questions, answers, people, feelings… In fact, this is the real challenge, all those pictures, emotions, expressions, to be realized into clothes, into something that will tell a lot about us, about our story, like a non-verbal messenger.

Logo for Milena's design studio.
SP: Would you say your designs are only for certain women?

MA: Fashion does not mean straighten out; it is a way of living. My creations are for people who are awakened and aware of themselves.

SP: What's your favorite part of designing, and do you prefer some materials over others?

MA: What I love the most is the planning process, the idea creation, the research. When its about the fabrics, I prefer to use natural materials letting the skin breathe. I like different textures and cuts that give more comfort.

Design by Milena, with model
Miljana Atanasova. 
SP: As far as "a look" (which could be considered a style) would you say your designs strive for this while being open to change?

MA: Designing collections is more personal and of course, it is more related to what I have to say, while designing for one particular client is related with his/her personality and needs, as seen through my eyes. So I wouldn’t say it is all about one particular style. It is very personal; it is about my point of view on things.

SP: As a gorgeous model, how did you end up involved in this aspect of fashion?

MA: My career as a model started very spontaneously actually, first I was modeling for friends when necessary.  As a former ballerina, I guess I kept the theatricality and the intimate identifying with the “role”, but also as a fashion designer I know what exactly I want from the models, I know how important this role is, as well as the importance of wearing the outfit in the real way – to give  character to it, to make it alive. This was, most probably, the reason for developing this aspect of my story about fashion.

Milena Atanasova, in a design by
Katerina Mikrut. Photo by
Leni von Geleva [NeuErotik]
SP: The fashion world can be a shallow place (for a model & designer), how do stay "deep" & meaningful in all of this?

MA: Honesty is the best policy. That is the most important. Especially when you observe everything around us and inside us in an honest, pure manner. Individuality will always be en vogue. This might sound like a cliché, but it is the only way to be true to yourself and all around you.
SP: What do you think of the fashion scene in Macedonia, does it need improvement - and if so what can be done?

MA:  Macedonia is quite young in this field. Macedonian fashion scene is growing more and more each day, but I think it needs a lot of hard work. After all, we are talking about a very small market and low awareness about fashion. I think this is the key! It requires a lot of work to achieve cultural and fashion awareness. Macedonia contains lot of culture in its code/ genes, all we have to do is put little light on it.

Milena Atanasova for Studio Atami.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
Milena Atanasova. Photo courtesy of the artist.
If you would like to know more, go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way"

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