Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Hip-Jupiter and Beyond [Hypgnosis Mix]

One of this months cover,
design by K.K.W, layout by Aleksandar Ares.
Image is a photo of a still from the
short video.
Avant Garde film in Macedonia. Director of photography - Natasha Geleva [AKA:Leni von Geleva], editing - Vladimir Petrovski Karter, director - Jane Altiparmakov, produced by - Ljubisha Petrushevski, music by The Hip Model - Scarlet Woman By K.K.W
Natasha Geleva [AKA - Leni von Geleva]
Photo courtesy of the artist.
A seemingly barren landscape is the opening scene and the continual environment, save for a strange magnificent beetle (possibly a stag beetle), and a masked dark-haired woman. Beetles have been held as sacred to most cultures [Western civilization through Art Nouveau jewelry of the 1900′s was richly adorned with beetles and other insects. Ethnoentomological studies reveal beetles’ significance due to their importance as a food source and their ability to fly... in the sky and dive into the ground. The scarab is generally associated with old Egypt which indeed made this beetle their most important religious symbol. Yves Cambefort, Paris, France - 

"Beetles as Religious Symbols"] 

There's a deep sense of solitude and introversion, as in a trance-like state with an acid trip.
Jane Altiparmakov.
Courtesy of the artist.
The narrator's voice compelling the viewer like a manifesto from the subconscious - of the woman? Or others who speak through her? 
The eye, the hand, the body is presented to the viewer not as eye-candy, but perhaps something more. 

Eyes - the windows to the soul, the hand - touch, each one unique to the individual, the body - a conduit of experience. 

Duality through reflection is an aspect, or seems to be. The hand reflected, merging with itself, the woman laying in the grass, reflected, the rock formation that resembles a face, the screen splitting. 

Is the woman herself a symbol? We first see her sitting on the rocks, as if she's apart of  it - the earth. She seems to be waiting for someone, trying to communicate, and yet in her own world - moving between moments of confusion, insanity and total lucidity. As it ends she again rejoins the landscape, a darkness creeps over like the shadow of a lover coming into a dim-lit room.

As usual, Geleva & Altiparmakov deliver a deep amazingly well done work of art. The short film is filled meaning that goes beyond the visuals, with excellent music that carries you into the journey - away from yourself & into somewhere else.     
Photo: still image from the video. 
"Because I do not hope, because I do not hope to turn, because I do not hope to turn again. These wings are not the wings to fly... these eyes are not eyes to see, these ears are not ears to hear. I renounce the blessed faiths, and renounce the voice..." (dialogue from The Hip-Jupiter Beyond [Hypgnosis Mix])

If you would like to know more, go to:https://www.facebook.com/leni.vongeleva?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab, or:https://www.facebook.com/jane.altiparmakov?fref=ts. "Art is the reason, art is the way"

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