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Katerina Mikrut - Q&A

One of this months covers.
Design by Aleksandar Ares & layout by K.K.W.
Dress design by & photo courtesy of  Katerina Mikrut.
Interview with Katerina Mikrut [Mikka Design]. By K.K.W.

This month we're focusing the spotlight on an amazingly charming little country, brimming with the possibility of a new creative, cultural capital in the Balkans.   
Katerina Mikrut, in her design.
Photo courtesy of the artist
SP:  When did you start taking fashion design seriously?

KM: All my life I had a huge interest about fashion and its design. It was my hobby, but I never thought that I would ever work more seriously with fashion design. I come from Poland and I studied the Czech language. I came to Macedonia because of personal reasons, but my studies here are not worth much. That is the reason why I decided my hobby should change into a profession. By self-educating. So I can say that I'm working in fashion design two years already. My items are using the brand Mikka Design. I present them in two fashion events in Macedonia: Skopje fashion week and Bitola fashion week.

Design by Katerina Mikrut,
with model Milena Atanasova.
Photo by Leni von Geleva [NeuErotik].
SP: I'm sure influences can come from anywhere - does yours come from only the fashion world? 

KM: The fashion world is an area where the influence and inspiration comes from everywhere and end there. In my case, I got my inspiration from the everyday life, from the chaos in my thoughts, from the urban environment and sometimes from nature and very often from the material itself, and the experimenting with it. All these factors create a pressure which reflects in a piece of cloth.

Design by Katerina Mikrut,
with model Milena Atanasova.
Photo by Leni von Geleva [NeuErotik]
SP: Do you create for a certain kind of woman, or do you create and hope it appeals to certain women? 

KM: I am creating for women who has their own style, who want to be original and different from the crowd. Women who are brave and don't like the fashion trends. Women who express themselves trough clothes, who want to experiment with their style. I have the same needs and I always create clothes that I would wear myself. I am happy that a lot of women, regardless of their age found themselves in my clothes.

SP:  What's your favorite part of designing? 

KM:  I can't remember a single piece of cloth that I created identical as the original idea. Almost every time I improvise during creation and I am always changing something so that the clothes or the wearer would have a different look. That is my favorite part, I don't know where it would take me. The biggest pleasure is the creation itself and that's why almost all my pieces I create by myself. And of course the moment when the primer idea shows is very exciting.

Skirt by Katerina Mikrut,
with model Milena Atanasova.
Photo by Leni von Geleva
SP:  Is there a particular guideline or method you follow when it comes to design (form follows function, etc) ? 

KM:  Mostly it's the following the material. The material itself tells me what it wants to be. I just help. My favorite material are different types of knits and wool and the technique is knitting. The technique which is traditional and exists in most of the cultures is interpretative in a modern way. The knitted piece of clothes are 80% of my work. In my design very important role is the function of the clothes( mostly I create everyday clothes). Very important aspect is the protection of the environment and that's why some part of my design are recycled designs. Those pieces of clothes I create only for myself and the closest people around me. 

SP: The fashion world is known for being shallow - how do you stay true to yourself and stay deep against such a thing? 

KM: It is very easy. Through my design I express myself. Of course I wouldn't create something that I don't like, that wouldn't be me and I won't do that. The question is how much this can be art and can we make it for living in this Balkan mentality and conditions. Yet, if I have to create something that does not agree with my opinions, I would choose other job.

SP:  What do you think of the fashion scene in Skopje (& Macedonia as a whole), does it need improvement - and if so what can be done? 

KM: Its enough to walk on the streets of Skopje (not talking about other cities in Macedonia) to notice that this city has to learn a lot about fashion. Many of the young designers has difficulties earning money because of the economical situation. According to me, the things that are missing here besides the main fashion events are the alternative ones. They are here but not enough the same as other fashion portals, blogs..etc All of this is still developing and we will see when it will be on a European level.

Dress design by Katerina Mikrut, with photo by Ani Dimi.
Katerina Mikrut, in her design.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
If you would like to know more, go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way".

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