Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Chase Experiment: @ "The Tea lounge"

The last of the light was dying in the western sky on Union st(Bklyn Calling), giving way to the cobalt Jazz blue that is the night. This time of year we love to feel the breeze coursing through the streets of Park-Slope; like the notes, scales, sounds, and arrangements of the musicians in "The City". Its funny how you don't think "The Tea lounge" would have a bar, but Jackie Coleman and The Chase Experiment knew before most of us did. What a place!. When I got there, they(The Chase Experiment)were warming up, and Jackie was out an about, shaking hands and greeting the people. Their first set started like the opening of a great game of wicked sound. The hot, funky, smooth/loud horns blasted off and let lose the hard, retro funk-rock dogs of war. Their combined sound comes off tough, brings you round and gets you hot. Its an edgy, intense, seeming wave of musical energy that connects with some and keeps the rest @ bay. Their arrangements, notes and tempo, what they are, shows enormous potential for even better musical creativity. But its observing the growth and change thats the point of checking out their sound-right now. Chase that sound, their sound. And try to understand. The Chase Experiment is: Jackie Coleman- trumpet&arrangements, Bryan Davis-trumpet, Michael Davis-trumpet, Mike Taylor-trumpet, Jay Jennings-trumpet, Brad whiteley-Keys, Deen Anbar-guitar, Nick Oddy-guitar, Adam Minkoff-bass&vocals, Sean Dixon- drums, and Maria Eisen-vocals. Would you like to know more? Studio-Phoenix would like to thank Jackie Coleman for the invite. Article, photos & vid-clip by K.K.W   

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pips said...

Awesome sound, their a little bit loud, but in that good way. like punk Jazz. Let me know when their on again. Keep writing:)