Friday, June 17, 2011

Rowan: Music on the edge

I grew up in the Ditmas park area where "Rowan" was playing on June 9th, @ Sycamore bar/flower shop(1116 Courtelyou Rd, Bklyn N.Y:). I suppose like many others I never thought events like this would be happening now. The old neighborhood has changed and is still slowly changing. Rowan is a solo act by Shelley Burgon(Family Dynamics, see April posts)that's highly inventive and tech-deep(mode/method of delivery)in its sound and emotional content. Rowan's power is that the music is rooted in the classical yet delivered through digital tech(The past meeting the future?). The sound is deeply personal carrying with it something of the feelings and inner thoughts of miss Burgon, which may or may not resonate with others. The music, or rather sounds, speak without words through the abstract digital-passion of the one who created it. Shelley's electronic project(Rowan) was started a year ago using primarily a Mac laptop and a key-board. When you listen to sounds of tracks you'll hear samples of a harp, which she does play, giving the whole a slight classical feel. The two tracks she played that night were composed two months ago and two days ago prior to the show. Miss Burgon was unavailable for comment but is interested in an interview. Much like other new ventures in the area of musical creativity, the beginning is very interesting, but its the journey thats the point. Looking forward to where it will take you. Shelley Burgon has the skillz and the passion, and I'm very interested to see where Rowan will take it. Article, photos & vid-clip by K.K.W. "Art is the reason, Art is the way". 

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pips said...

Really strange and interesting music:)I want to she where Rowan will take this. The sound reminds me of Vangelis.