Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Slovenia: With love

The Gallery was full of energy, smiles, and the interaction of people.
Alenka(The Artist) is on the left(I love that hat, so cool. she's amazing & beautiful),
and Sanja(fashion designer, so damn talented and lovely) in white. 

Natasha, looking beautiful and stylish.
  She is one of the operator's of Gallery MC   
Tuesday, June 14th 2011: Before I got to the "City"(upper west-side)light rain had begun to saturate the streets, giving it that romantic sad feeling. The post-work crowd of slightly upset, super happy and apathetic New Yorker's went to and fro, as they usually go. I made my way to 549 west 52nd(Gallery MC)along those familiar wet streets and saw some of the guest's streaming into the lobby. In that retro-cool noir lift, an icon of the city's former glory, I heard the beautiful language of some of these interesting people from Europe. A prelude to the main event. The vertical door's of the lift opened on "Slovenia In Us"(Lipizzaner Horses), a photography exhibit by the wonderful, and charming Alenka Slavinec. Gallery MC was packed like a dazzling night-spot in Ljubljana on a post-work Friday. A beautiful mix of Americans and Europeans of varying degrees. The show "is a tribute to Slovenian independence and freedom through the Lipizzan stallion. The twenty photographs Ms Slavinec has chosen take us on a journey of love, truth, beauty and tradition while representing each year of Slovenian independence". In 1991 Slovenia declared full sovereignty(followed by a ten day war) and today is a member of the European Union, the Eurozone, The Schengen Area, NATO, and OECD. Supporting artists for the event included Sanja Velickovic and her fashion designs, "through which we feel the growing pains of Lipizzaner(or Lipizzan). These pieces are made especially for this exhibit and will be displayed among the photographs". Srecko Molk created the frame and Jewelry designs, with music by Zan Tetickovic. The Artwork will be on display until June 25th with a closing event on that date @ 7pm, hosted by Larissa Drekonja. Alenka's photographs are stunning, gentle, and full of love, loss and hardship. They are the embodiment of her country. The haunting images of the Lipizzaner's in the misty forests of Slovenia gives you a romantic, joyful image in which, tragedy's somber grace...may be lurking near. The horse's can be seen as a constant throughout the history of area now known as Slovenia; dating back to the creation of the breed in 1580 by the patronage of Archduke Charles II of the Habsburgs. Despite the first Coalition war, Napoleon(Napoleon I), world war I & II, the Nazi's, the creation of Yugoslavia(Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), and the Communist period, the still there. "No matter what the obstacles we face we know that the sun is above the clouds and if we keep on going, we will always reach the sun"(Alenka Slavinec). If you would like to know more about Alenka Slavinec,  The Lipizzan or 
Article, vid-clips, and photos(Canon IXY[digital]&Canon EOS[film]): K.K.W. "Art is the reason, Art is the way"

Sanja Velickovic's dresses. Very stylish.
Sanja Velickovic, Fashion Designer.


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