Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Urban Art: Morgan Ave, L-Train(Bklyn)

The style of this is fluid and haunting.
I can't tell which side is better the left or right.
And then there's the colors, Striking without being to flashy. 

How anyone can use spray-paint
to do things like this is beyond me.

The girl is petting that "creature"
but yet shes looking away as if something
distracted her. The guy seems like he's a symbol
of the outside world, just over her shoulder.

I love the industrial feel of the area. There's a feeling of open space
and something out the "City".

The color combination, matched with the fluidity
of the line work and undulating curves, is awesome.

This one has a cool 2d-3d effect, the colors are in
almost sharp contrast to each other.
The linear curved, geometric style is hot. 

This one has an electric feel, like the letters
are radiating with the power of lighting.

Break on through to the other side.

The color of the lettering is bright and should over-power
the figures, but the style of the figures keeps the balance .

This one has a real kooky, modern funny sense
to the illustration. With the girl and the shark,
its like a metaphor for the world.

The curves, colors, and contrasting visual sense
has a calm feeling to it.

It makes me think of metal, of trains.

The color coordination and 3 dimensional space
of the line work is amazing.

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