Sunday, June 12, 2011

Halimi & Kurtishi:@ Gallery MC

Gorazd & Natasha(right w/vest) owners & operators
Gallery MC(Macedoina). 

One of Nora Halimi's transcribed poetry text.
"I find in calligraphy the energy and rhythm which bring
my compositions to life". Nora Halimi

One of Edin Kurtishi's Mono-type's. "His work
strives to relay the atmosphere and emotion of
the landscape through his personal experience"
On 52nd st between 10th&11th ave(west-side)@ 549 you'll find Gallery MC, run by Gorazd & Natasha of Macedonia. 8 floors up on a large spacious lift thats perfect for some cool noir movie. The vertical doors opened up that Sunday evening of June 6th, to a showing of Artwork(Ink Poetry & Heavy Skies) by two young talented, engaging artists.
Natasha(in the vest)speaking to Zvonko Mucunski
Consulate general of Macedonia.

Nora Halimi

Natasha speaking to Ana Piponska

Edin Kurtishi(middle) speaking with a guest and
Zvonko Mucunski(consulate general of Macedonia)
Nora Halimi and Edin Kurtishi are two artists who, by the nature of their work, have a deep respect for elements of the past, without losing step with the present. 'Black ink and white paper are the basics of expression. Calligraphy is certainly the starting point for my work, however, love for literature has played a crucial role in choosing and exploring the cohesion between calligraphy and poetry. The work investigates the implications of embedding poetry within paper to give the "narrative" a material presence'. Halimi's work(Ink Poetry) is stunning to behold in its skill and dedication. The look of the paper(the method of writing for thousands of years)is striking when you think of the fact that almost no one uses paper like this anymore. The style of the ink she applies is almost to graceful for words, evoking memories of every beautiful book or page of similar writing I've ever seen. Myself being a visual artist, lover of words and writing, I find her work deeply moving in a mental and physical way. . 'Edin Kurtishi's work(Heavy Skies) strives to relay the atmosphere and emotion of the landscape through his personal experience. It contains the idea of the sublime and those immediate feelings of drama in a continuously changing landscape, which he feels are inexplicable through words and phrases, therefore it drives him to explore and express these emotions through the media of monotype. In Kurtishi's work the sky is a graphic environment and the birds become a metaphoric entity. His work brings you into a world of representative drama. The lines, colors, birds, and strange patterns(intentional & unintentional)come together to represent his emotions in the drama, that is his "monotype's"    If you would like to know more:  Article and Photos by K.K.W "Art is the reason, Art is the way"  


Anonymous said...

Thank you K.K.W for covering the exhibition. Great interpretation of the artist work! Hope to see you again in Gallery MC

Anonymous said...

Excellent coverage! Interesting art work.Until when exhibition is running?