Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kim Kalesti:Before the show

It was a last minute addition to the list but I thought I could make it; two events damn near back to back. But as it turned out Kim's show started at 8pm, not 7pm like she thought. That evening The Chase Experiment(see June 8th post)was happening in Park-Slope and I was already locked in for that one. As always Kim was lively, funny, sassy, an amazing to talk to. We spoke for a bit about women who hate on other women for not wearing their "best". Kim told me about advice she got on performing/dress: you wear your best outfit and walk through the crowd(if you can)towards the stage, that way all the "bitches" can get there fill. And you start the show with a bang. Her show was @ 5C cafe on 5th st and ave C(Manhattan). As we realized I couldn't stay for the full show, she started playing and I started recording. The show is part of "The underground Howl festival"  going on for the entire month of June. The festival is produced by Shell Sheddy and features extraordinary talents of the lower east-side. Kim Kalesti is a seasoned professional singer, composer and pianist. Often involved with others on various musical projects, "Kimistry(Kimistry and the Living Museum) is when two or more people get together as a team to create the magic feeling as sounds, rhythm and poetry..." Would you like to know more or hear other songs? Article & vid-cilp by K.K.W

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Anonymous said...

Kerwin Thank for the clip. I played last Saturday night @ Tribes with multi-reed freestyle inventor Daniel Carter. We went to other stratosphere, where it feels very comfortable and nature, to go OUT !!!!

See you on the LES scene for the Underground Howl Festival