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Ece Ali: Is Photography

Photos courtesy of the artists
Ece Ali: "Something special, just beneath the surface". By K.K.W.

Slightly muted colors, vibrant light sources, with a sharp eye for scenery, individual subjects, details, and the common odd features of her city. These are the elements of her photography. Ece Ali is one of Skopjes best, though she is of Rumeli Turkish decent, which makes her artwork all the more interesting. Her photography gives you not just images of where she's from, but a strong insight to her mind-set and personal outlook.
Ece Ali of Skopje. Photo courtesy of the artist
Outdoors, open-space, the interaction between people in everyday scenes, details that are intimate to others, these I think are element of Ece Ali. In the landscape shot over looking the city it paints a dim view of it, with a gritty feel. There is a sense of the extreme packed in, dense nature of the city, like a maze the inhabitants can't escape from. Above it all looms a powerful light that even the grit of Istanbul can't hide from. The horizon calls her, but she at times ignores it, she wants to be above it all. 

Untitled #1. Photo courtesy of the artist.
The bird on the ledge is a great detail shot, and non-traditional. The glass surface of the ledge reflecting the blue green tones like the sea, the screws on either side long rusted. Strange webbed feet, oddly familiar, the ledge at an angle to the buildings beneath, increasing the depth of field. The shot itself is one that might be found in a contemporary movie. It would be a very good opening scene. The bird takes flight disrupting a conversation already in progress, as the camera pulls back through the window slowly, then cuts to a couple arguing.

The photo of the two young women has the qualities of a modern painting(19th or 20th century). The composition is standard in the placement of the figures, but neither is looking at the viewer, which gives the photo its power. The lack of interaction, which is their momentary interaction really draws you in,making you wish you knew their names, and the sound of their voices. There's a story between the two but its not told in words, rather through emotions and silence. Its a stunning, beautiful unconventional portrait. Both subjects displaying emotions, caught-up in themselves. Yin and Yang, modern women.  

An image of a young women with short cut hair is an amazing photo in the feeling it exudes. The first thing you notice is the face, which is the light-source, then the dark melding with her gorgeous hair(dark like volcanic soil). Half of her becomes one with the dark and shadows, but not consumed by it. This in many ways, is one of the chief qualities of young contemporary Macedonians and those from the Balkans. The circular earring dangles in the light, a symbol of the Goddess Venus/Ishtar(8 points is the numerical value of the great lady). The shape of her elegant face certainly shows the photographers eye for strong features in people, and the right moment. Ece Ali is is an artist who seeks to find the beauty between the lines, that which is in fact unseen, and in the process finds a part of herself. And as life can be very hard for an artist, her art is all the more amazing, like her. 

" must grieve for it right now and endure the sadness,
for you must love the world this much, if you are to say,
'I have lived' ." Nazim Hikmet-Turkish poet. If you would like to know more, go, "Art is the reason, art is the way"

Untitled #2. Photo courtesy of the artist

Untitled #3. Photo courtesy of the artist

Untitled #4. Photo courtesy of the artist

Untitled #5. Photo courtesy of the artist

Untitled #6. Photo courtesy of the artist

Untitled #6. Photo courtesy of the artist

Ece Ali of Skopje. Photo courtesy of the artist

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