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Steven C Griffin: Shae Parka

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Steven C Griffin: "Shae Parka". Interview by K.K.W 

Spewing out tough, sometimes complicated lyrics with a flow all his own, Griffin really does bring something to the table, when it comes to Hip-Hop. After his first release, "From Gotham 2 Metropolis" he's already getting it together for his next album. 

SP: Thanks for taking the time Parka.

SG: No doubt, always try to make time for good peoples.

What got you into sound engineering, and the tech side of music?

SG: I realized that Rappers come a dime a dozen and I needed to do something that sets me apart from all of the other artist. 

A lot of Kats try to break into Hip-Hop, industry or not, 

with the same old, same old, what made you go past that?

SG: I can't say that I am past that, be it that I am a true fan of the art form as well as a active participant. I just have a different ear. I am not afraid to experiment or try new things that are considered outside the box

SP:  'Shae Parka', whats in a name, is there a story behind it?

SG: I came up with the name due to the loss of my prior name Jak Fraust. The rules go that even if you patent or copyright a name the person who makes it a public success retains ownership. It took time to recover, because I had to come up with a name that best described who I re-invented myself to be. Jak Fraust was a younger and less mature personality and I had already grown more as a man by the time I had worked out what my new image was. I am a native New Yorker and my name had to express that hence the name Shae(smooth) came into play. I couldn't quite be called a Yankee even though I'm a fan! Style was also an expression to my character. Parka a hooded garment that protects you from cold conditions. That when applied to myself would mean one who protects you from the cold conditions of this world and relates to how it is to cope with everyday life for the everyday man and woman. 

SP: "From Gotham 2 Metropolis" was your first album, what was it like to get that up?

SG: It was and experience that I will always appreciate. It was my first independent project and can never be taken away from me. I  learned what was necessary to put together an album, and what it takes to give it a professional presentation. Long,  hard work,  and dedication.

SP: "...let it be known, yes when my story is told, that I will not stop till its etched in stone". What do you mean by 'etched in stone', and given the difficulty of this task, do you think you've gained ground? 

SG: Well that means till my last day on this earth as a physical being, and yes I have gained much ground through my years. I have always searched for a mentor to guide me throughout my career, but now I have seemingly become that mentor to others who have chosen the same path.

SP"From Gotham 2 Metropolis" didn't exactly get you name out to most of N.Y.C, but was a major accomplishment, how do you think the next album could be better, and you could get it out to more people?

SG: Well,  "From Gotham 2 Metropolis" was my start and I'm far from finished. G2M is still getting my name out till this day. Better marketing strategies, more shows etc. I learned that you just can't rely on the project to make you famous. There are also many other aspects involved to be a successful recording artist. 

SP: Lyrics, beats, sound engineering, syncopation, and mixing it all with different cultural sounds is the key to producing something new in Hip-Hop. What's your take on that?

SG: Well,  I feel that Hip hop in itself is a culture and that is something important to remember. To intergrate different cultures into Hip hop increases the demographic of your listeners. There is a market for every idea in the world, and by combining these ideas you expand your horizons.

SP: What's the theme of the new album, and how long until its out?

SGWell the theme follows the current times state of depression and how society thrives to push through it. There is no set date for the album release as of yet, but the first single will release in the Spring of 2012.

SP: Good interview Parka, thanks for taking the time. And like many, awaiting the next release. Cheers!

If you would like to know more, go to:www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1402196887&ref=ts, "Art is the reason, art is the way"

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