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Meglena Visinska: Windows 2 her soul

Photos courtesy of the artists.
Cover by K.K.W
Meglena Visinska: Windows 2 her soul.  By K.K.W

In almost all cultures eyes are of great importance, "the windows of the soul". The eyes will tell your life's story and that you will make it to glory, but in your own way. Meglena's eyes looks mainly inward, but whenever outward they can spiritually burn all that appear before them, like Ziva or Lamya.

Meglena Visinska, photo courtesy of the artist.
In the frozen forests of Ohrid , or the gritty, sunny streets of Skopje , her eyes gaze out at the scene, feeling the intimate details of many things. The light reflected on the snow and ice crusted to the limbs of a tree, strange shadows mingling with the light on the surface of a puddle of water. Not just for itself, for what it makes her feel; alive and free in the moment. 
Untitled images #2, photo courtesy of the artist.
Image #2 functions on many levels, as all 3 major parts have great meaning-hands, eyes, and the butterfly. In all cultures the hands and eyes are sacred, unique to each person, which gives us our individual make-up. Butterflies are considered as a symbol of enlightenment of the soul- " soul is painted like the wings of a butterfly..."(1). In religious paintings of Buddhists and Catholics you can see its beautiful wings. In a way the image is like a holy trinity of art.

In some Catholic icons the Christ child holds a butterfly in hands-symbol of the resurrection of the soul. Looking at the image, its as if she holds her soul, or someone's in her hands surrounded by the dark (symbol of the void, life and death). The eyes look hard at the viewer as if to say beware, be true, honest, lest ye taste my wrath. As butterflies are the symbol of change and metamorphosis, it could be seen that she holds that power in her beautiful hands.
Image #3, photo courtesy of the artist.
Image #3 could be looked at as her defensive gaze, the seeker, a forceful personification that seeks to understand that which stands before her. The eyes stare at you in calm peace, drawing you in with a sense of the sacred- not unlike women who display only their eyes. Or like a beautiful owl gazing from the dark of the night, ready to strike @ its prey. "Blood on the shoulders of Pallas"(3)

If you would like to know more, go,, and for more info on Butterflies in myth & philosophy go to: Quote #1-Queen: 'The show must go on', #2-From the article "What philosophers see the Butterflies?", #3-from the graphic novel "Watchmen".  "Art is the reason, art is the way"       

Photo courtesy of the artist.

Lady Visinska of Skopje.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

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