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Yinka Oyewole- Q&A

Photos courtesy of the artists
Yinka Oyewole: Q & A interview. By K.K.W

Arguably one of the most talented, up-and-coming musicians from south London, Yinka's sound is imbued with his personal outlook on life, and places he's been.

Yinka Oyewole,
photo courtesy of the artist.
SP: Yinka, thanks for taking the time for Q&A

YO: Your welcome, and thanks for your interest.

SP: Your sound is dope, when did you start pursuing it seriously?

YO: Well I've been doing music for awhile, I've been in a few bands, this project is about a year old. ND so is the sound:)

SP: South London has fueled your musical output along with your Nigerian heritage, but are there other input that has helped bring your music to this level?

YO: I make music for people, I try to! I try to be real about what I feel in my music, enjoy it, feel it, talk about things that touch me. I try to open up about experiences and share them with people. Music to me is the greatest from of communication we have in that its universal. I just try to do what others have done in making me feel happy, sad, reminisce or feel apart of something.

SP: For every musician inspiration come from certain kinds of people they meet are there any people like that for you?

YO: I wouldn't say there is specific type of person or persons that influence me, but I'm definitely interested in how people relate and what they do. I think people who have a goal and go for it, whatever it takes are inspirational. People who have overcome lots of obstacles to succeed and those who have usually striven-in the face of adversity to make the world a better place spur me on!

SP: What are a few moments when  the basics for a song came to you so you can build it into something else?

YO: Well it comes in different ways. I have what I call the "3amers"-I've written a few of those. Basically just about the time when a song comes to me in the middle of the night and I just write it-vocals and guitar. Sometimes the bass-line to. Other then that it may be a melody. Occasionally I dream them and wake up and write on the guitar. But however it comes when that initial riff or melody comes the song is basically there. Sometimes I might change the subject matter but really its the music and if you dig it and wanna keep it, then its generally good. Main thing is not to force it.

SP: On soundcloud you only have one track uploaded, is that just so for now, or would you prefer not to upload to it?

YO: Ha ha! Yeah I did it on purpose. I have 14 songs  ready to go but I want to create a demand. I think with your next question you kind of answer why-its overstaturated so if you just give, give people get spoiled. People should visit  facebook.com/mryinkaoyewole. You can also check out sabatta.net- which has the new track up.

SP: Every musician has a cool story to tell when they were on the road, any stories like that for you?

YO: Ha ha! I got a couple, not all to share! LOL! Nah-
I once played under a huge animatronic elephant-with a cockpit to drive it in the head. That was in France, 2010-that was pretty cool!  

SP: Yinka, damn good interview! thanks so much for taking the time. If you would like to know more, go to:facebook.com/mryinkaoyewole., or:www.sabatta.net "Art is the reason, art is the way"  


 Photo courtesy of the artist.

Photo courtesy of the artist.

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