Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kat Smith: Art & Music

Photos courtesy of the artists
Kat Smith: Art & Music, by K.K.W

For the most part it was "..just passion and drive" that fueled Kat smith towards and during her training to becoming a DJ. Being surrounded by endless amounts of music and other DJ's certainly helped as well, and got her foot in the door.

Kat Smith, photo courtesy
of the artist.
At an underground house party in L.A(1998)where Eddie Amador was the resident, she felt a strong connection with the music she was hearing, and the people there. During and after the party she began to feel a sense of completion, which afterward drove her to find more of the same music. Mark Farina was one of her early influences and became part of her foundation as a DJ. After listening to her sets I can tell she does have the skills, and can take you there, holding her own in what is still boys club. 

Although she is a visual artist, it mostly comes from a basic ability she wanted to foster, but became unhappy with it due to what she considers a lack of originality. This is something very standard when it comes to artists. Many go through it and eventually get past it. Kat however, found comfort and in a way fulfillment in another place. In the modern world over-run with advertising, "fads", pop-culture, and fame gone wild, one defines ones worth as an artist by those that like you, your art and then pays. Being able to do something that brings joy through the approval of others, feeding you and making money, is a very important thing today. 

What makes Kat interesting(aside from everything else)is why she chose DJing over pursing fine art. "...much of my interest in art lies in my surroundings and nature". While this is true, its strange how it does not translate into visual art. Although when you think about it, what do most people(especially non-artists)enjoy doing more, looking at art or shaking their ass so someone notices fast? Think about it, with most things having to do with artist its about power, praise, prestige and control, over a certain amount of the masses. Its not supernatural, but its something I leave to you dear reader. Hopefully in time we will see more great painting from this young one. Cheers! If you would like to listen to Kats set's, go, "Art is the reason, art is the way
"The blue way home".
Image courtesy of the artist.

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