Sunday, June 1, 2014


On this months cover Abe Ana Choveche,
Design by K.K.W.
Music now: Lily Virginia. By K.K.W 
When it comes to music your either ridiculously selective, or highly eclectic; both have there advantages. However, those who are eclectic get to enjoy a broader spectrum of sound and are usually a reservoir of musical interest.
Lily Virginia - cover to her amazing self-titled
EP. Image courtesy of the artist. 
Its not just her voice (which is soothing, & wonderful) but the lyrics and her passion that float straight thought into you. "...its a train track, heading home...", a somber ride through familiar territory of loss, longing and redemption. However, its not a sappy-saccharine laced tune; its depth is great, the message is individual an intricate. 

"Take the subway like some ambulance..."; the lyrical word-play is poetically clever, leading you on through to the other-side. Visions of an urban setting with a haunting melody as your guide. Feelings and nostalgic tremors reverberate, like the force and speed of a late-night train...through a city that never sleeps.  

"Yuriko" is every bit as amazing, & my 2nd fave track. The song starts off with a gritty-vibe like an engine revving-up. The seemingly obsessive lyrics are tinged with lust, as much as longing mingled with regret. "come on over lets live loved me till you hated you, you couldn't bare the sight...I wanna know if your coming home..." [

The entire EP ["Lily Virginia"] has all the soul and feeling of a personal adventure; wondrous tones, melodies and excellent change-up's. Each track holds its own and feels unique, maddening, beautiful, tense with great lyrics and sound to match. 

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