Thursday, June 5, 2014

In Skopje; where to stay

On the cover this month, Abe Ana Choveche.
Design by K.K.W
In Skopje: @ The Urban Hostel. Text & photos by K.K.W

I still remember when I decided finally, on go to Skopje; minutes after updating my status on FB, Tanja (a friend of mine) suggested I stay @ Urban Hostel Skopje.
It was great choice.

Leaving Istanbul, Skopje in the distance. 
Looking out past the wing, only dreams. 
Getting my travel plans in order took longer then I thought, and the staff was willing to work with me. They even sent a taxi to meet me at the airport; strange to see man holding a sign that said my name. The homemade sign gleamed in the drivers hands like the light of a liquor-store, before a man who had been sober for to-damn-long.
The front desk.
The view from the balcony of my single room,
looking to the right. [towards Partisan Blvd].
My single room was spacious, with a large bed, closet for clothes, large flat-screen T.V and a small balcony [with a glass door, a small table & two chairs] shared with the 6-bed dorm-room next door. This was really great, as I didn't know the balcony.

The living room area. I had a good time getting
to know these travelers from a medical school in Varna.  
The main bathroom on the same floor as my room was large, with a jacuzzi tub-shower. Breakfast [which was always really good] was served every morning; mueslix cereal, milk, fruit-spread, whole grain bread, butter, and pudding. And the place is cleaned everyday and has a self-service laundry area. Situated @ 22 Adolf Ciborovski, the hostel is a 15 - 20 minute walk from the city center [Macedonia Square]. 
The front door. 
The porch area. 

Towards the front gate. 

Adolf Ciborovski Street - where the hostel is
& the apartment building I stayed in. The apartment
is operated by the hostel [across the street].
Interior of the apartment, facing the kitchen.
Interior of the apartment
Interior of the apartment
Interior of the apartment
Looking over the balcony. 
Looking over the balcony,
to the left.
Looking over the balcony.
After the rain
At the end of Adolf Ciborovski Street
On Partisan Blvd. 
On Partisan Blvd. 
Although there are many other hostels in Skopje, I would rather stay @ Urban Hostel; there is a real feeling of safety, kindness, and a positive atmosphere. If you would like to know more, go to: . 'Art is the reason, art is the way 

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