Thursday, June 12, 2014

See it now [Istanbul]

On the cover this month, Abe Ana Choveche.
Design by K.K.W
Istanbul:see it now. Photos & text by K.K.W

Getting ready to leave Skopje for Istanbul, I hadn't realized how long the "stop-over" time would be (from Ataturk airport to NYC) - more then 18 hours. I was having so much fun I didn't even check the flight details, or make a reservation for a room. This would be mini-adventure & a test of nerves, to sure. 
On a Turkish jet-plane; the dense urban center below
hums with life & energy. 

When I got to Ataturk, the thought of Istanbul was hardly enough to assuage my sadness at having to leave Skopje; to leave behind Ana (a Jazz singer I became smitten with).
The airport @ Ataturk 

The airport @ Ataturk It was comforting
& alarming to see fast-food eateries from home.
The airport @ Ataturk; there were many
beautiful sights.
The airport @ Ataturk 
The view from the dorm @ hostel Mavi
The tomb of the Princes 
Entrance of the tomb of the Princes 
The tomb of the Princes (interior). I felt it was 
better not to photograph the coffins. While it was 
very hot outside, inside was quite cold. 

There was something haunting about architecture;
you could feel the weight of the years emanating from them.   

There were almost as many crows in Istanbul,
as there was in Skopje.
Sometimes flowers are nice.
I've never seen a painting,
or a photograph that captured a moment
like this. 
Despite the small amount of time I spent there, Istanbul was amazing. The streets of Sultanahmet sector radiated a feeling of a time long-gone, though still within our lives. Tourists covered the streets live vines while the crows kept watch over all, nearly invisible to their eyes. It was all brief & a dream. 'Art is the reason, art is the way' If you would like to know more, go to:, for a great cheap place to stay, with a great view on the top floor:

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