Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fashion in Skopje

On the cover this month, Abe Ana Choveche.
Design by K.K.W
"Hard to Explain": Fashion in Skopje. By K.K.W

At this point fashion is still dominated by main-stream labels that are reasonably priced and the usual high-end labels whose names have become more well-known then the Gods of myth & legends. 

Designs by Marija Dacevska
However, especially in the last 10 years, there's been a considerable amount of designers silently or overtly challenging the status-quo. But change comes hard, the road to success is paved with obstacles, and a general public seemingly addicted to brand names. 
Design by Marija Dacevska
Originating in Skopje, Macedonia, and operating for some years now, "Hard to Explain" is one of the few alternative design labels in the city [& possibly in the region].And of course its one of the few (good) alternative labels. The name is actually for 3 designers; Katerina, Marija [sisters] & Katerina Mikrut. For now we're going to focus on the first 2. 

Marija's designs showcase pastel colors with, at times, a gossamer material for a ravishing demi-couture look. There's a strong feel of elegant and sensual evening wear; a look of the past redesigned for the future. Simplicity, clever use of materials and patterns with an occasional  wild touch.

Designs by Marija Dacevska [She's the beautiful 
lady in the blue dress].
Design by Katerina Popeva
Design by Katerina Popeva

Design by Katerina Popeva
Some of Katerina Popeva's creations have an androgynous feel to them. There's a sense of masculinity balancing the softness of the feminine. Earthy tones, muted colors with a splash of primary, along with accentuated shapes and patterns that give a sense of modernity. There's a distinct bit of the 80's in some of her designs, exuding a retro-touch, but the look seems from another time ahead of this one. Her designs exude a world of there own, the models like characters, in story told without words. Their out-of-place, and yet right at home in Skopje; ready to walk of the runway and onto the streets. All the power, intensity and allure of her personality is imparted to her designs. Without words they speak in volume.   
Design by Katerina Popeva

Design by Katerina Popeva
Leni von Geleva @ Hard to explain shop.
Katerina Popeva, @ Hard to explain shop.
Katerina Popeva, @ Hard to explain shop.
In The Old Bazaar sector, just outside the shop.
With so much passion, intensity, and dedication to their craft one can only imagine how far "Hard to explain" will go. Each designer's style & look is not only unique, but an extension of their personality along with their out-look. Hard to explain's potential for immense, further creativity, is intense. And hopefully lead to even greater design's that will extend from the boarders of their country, to Western Europe [& maybe elsewhere - NYC?]. If you would like to know more, go to:www.facebook.com/hard.explain.5?fref=ts&ref=br_tfwww.facebook.com/mdacevska?ref=br_tf.
'Art is the reason, art is the way'

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