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On cover this month, Abe Ana Choveche.
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Music now: One By One (herMajesty). By K.K.W

Although it sounds like a cliche - one thing really does lead to another. Having come into contact with so many people in the last 3-4 years have given me so much new music to explore.

Cover to the single "One By One".
Image courtesy of the band. 
"her Majesty" is one of the best indie-bands on the scene, with an interesting sound full of intensity, ingenuity and a feel-good sensation. Their most recent track "One By One" is a clear-cut example of great emotions, and a powerful sound. The chorus-like intro seems bit strange, yet is really striking with an intense feeling. 
Valerie Kuehne. Photo by
Lead singer John Pasagiannis' voice grabs your ear, bringing you along on a heart-felt sound-wave. "...gather all are pictures. One by one, the dust is useless, let me breathe..." There's a poetic sense of drama matched only by the simplicity of the words.  Genuine warmth emanates from the melody, tones and the chorus contrasted by the moody, slightly-mornful lyrics. 
John Pasagiannis & Joan Chew. Photo courtesy
of the band. 
Dayle Raymond Jellyman.
Photo courtesy of Larufoto 
From right to left: Joan Chew, John Pasagiannis,
David Leatherwood. Photo courtesy of the band. 
And, whichever song you listen to - "Lisbon Street", "Open up your arms", "The Stranger", or "Into the light", you can't go wrong. herMajesty is arguably one of the best bands performing, and creating music in New York City, for us and the rest of the world to listen to. 
Album cover courtesy of the band. 
If you would like to know more, go to: 'Art is the reason, art is the way'

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