Sunday, February 5, 2012

Composers Concordance festival Part 4("Electronics")

S.P cover #4- 2012.
On the cover, Milica Paranosic,
& Patrick Grant
Composers Concordance festival part 4("Electronics") @ GalleryMC. 2/3/12. Photos by K.K.W

This part of the festival featured composers working with new media, music for electronics and electro-acoustic ensemble. A very harmonious, strange, eclectic event, producing sounds that at times pleased the audience, and made some feel @ odds.It was beautiful! 

This was a difficult photoshoot, very dim lighting(for the projectors), and only one of the camera's setting could be used. I almost never use the flash @ events. This all gives the photos a dual look, where there is strong light, its uniform, where there is dim light, not so much(like 400 speed film or higher). 

Milica Paranosic

Milica Paranosic

Lainie Fefferman

Milica Paranosic & Lynn Bechtold

Lynn Bechtold

Lynn Bechtold.
 Video art projection:Carmen Kordas

Lynn Bechtold

Eric Somers

Patrick Grant

Gene & Kim Pritsker

Milica Paranosic

Milica Paranosic

Mari Kimura(right)
Mari Kimura

Milica Paranosic

Gene Pritsker(right)

Carmen Kordas-video art projections.

Milica Paranosic(left) Gene Pritsker(right)

If you would like to know more, go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way".

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