Friday, February 17, 2012

Richlane: Wiliamsburg sector

Richlane Bar: 595 Union Ave, N11th street, Williamsburg Brooklyn. By K.K.W

On a calm yet busy residential sector of Wiliamsburg Bklyn you'll find Richlane bar. Open for about a month and a half, serving up fantastic drinks, both classic, and contemporary. Beer, wine, spirits, and interesting cocktails. While they don't yet have a food menu, it won't be a long wait.  

For Valentines day they had special cocktail menu with, I must say, more then a few, seemingly strange combinations, which turned out to be extremely tasty. The "love bird"(aphrodisiac tea infused vodka, lovage, clove syrup, lemon & egg whites)was not something I was use to having, but after giving in, it was really good. The combination made for an explosion of "old world" tastes with a contemporary edge. Their "Fox Run" chardonnay(Penn Yan, NY)was a tart, smooth, pleasing wine that settles you in, and leaves a light pleasing sensation on your tongue. 

The place was however a little to dim-lit, and for a performance that happened they had no lighting for it or an area made for such a thing. Then again this a similar thing in most small places in New York. Hopefully as they grow this will improve. If your in the mood for great drinks with friendly service, a great mixologist, stop in and have a seat. There's no coat-check, they take credit cards,and the nearest trains are the Bedford ave stop on the L-train, and the Lorimer st stop on the L-line as well. Also their very close to a few great eateries in the area(one being across the street). If you would like to know more, go to: "Art is the reason, art is the way" 

"The Love bird"

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