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Jane Altiparmakov-Q&A

S.P cover #6- 2012.
Photos courtesy of the artist 
Q & A: Jane Altiparmakov. By K.K.W

He studied @ The Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje(capital of Macedonia), a filmmaker, disc-jockey, critic and coordinator. An art director-'REConceptual artist' who happens to be an existentialist, with a profound love for music and a wide knowledge of such. Jane is also a mysterious chap, not to many photos on his FB page. He's a driven individual who is arguably one of Macedonia's best. 
Jane Altiparmakov, photo courtesy
of the artist.

SP: Jane, fala for taking the time, I know your very busy.

JA: Nema problem K, thanks for waiting.

SP: When did you get into directing?

JA: I decided to go into directing as early as high school.  And at that time I was participating in an alternative Drama Art Studio, when I made my directorial debut as an author of the multimedia performance “Confusion is next”, based on the cult Sonic Youth’s LP. After two years studying philosophy, I finally enrolled at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje in 1998 and that was the official start of my professional carrier as a film, TV and art director.

SP: Was it always music videos, or other kinds of video/film projects you have been directing?

JA: Except musical videos I have had experience in directing musical documentaries, video-arts and several short films. 

SP: How did you come to work with Sasko Kostov on "I'm losing my mind"? 

JAAt the beginning of the entire initiative I was inspired by the fascinating photos of my creative partner Natasa Geleva, aka NeuErotik and when we listened to Sasko Kostov’sI’m losing my mind”, we decided that making a promo clip – video-art would be an excellent start for our collaboration. The video is made at the cult club Ludnica (Madhouse) which unfortunately does not exist anymore. 

SP: Why did you and Natasa take that direction for the video?

JA: We started this project as an idea to combine photo and video media and later on we continued this idea on the musical video for the band XaXaXa,  “This is your town”, as well as the docu-videoart “Factories have souls too”.

SP: What are some other projects your both working on now?

JAMe and Natasa Geleva are working on an ongoing project SoulMate TP and our primary goal is to reflect the alternative visual expression of the Macedonian cultural scene. We are planning a trilogy of docu-videoarts which would include photography and video media, of which the first part has been already realized, i.e. “Factories have soul too”.
Nowadays I am busy with the promotion of the feature omnibus project “Skopje Remixed”, which will be released this spring. Nine young directors are taking part in this project, and my short film in this omnibus is titled “Happy Endings”.

SP: Jane, great interview, its a good thing I waited. I'm really looking forward to "Skopje remixed" and will look into your other projects. Na zdravje!  If you would like to know more, go to: or: "Art is the reason, art is the way"


Jane Altiparmakov,
photo courtesy of the artist.

Ad-vite for a show and or Music set.
Photo courtesy of the artist. 

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