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Q & A: Janelle Williamson

This months cover, K.K.W
I had wanted more on the cover,
but on the advice of others
I kept it simple.
Janelle Wiliamson,
Head of Novia design studio,
also my older sister. 

Photo courtesy of the designer.
Q& A: Janelle Williamson. By K.K.W

She's from Trinidad & Tobago, but grew up and was educated  in NYC, Now living in Brooklyn. She started Novia Design studios with a passion for interior design and creative solutions for needs of today's living arrangement. Janelle Williamson is an amazing, a beautiful young woman walking a hard road. "...navigate the treacherous, an make it seem effortless"(1).  

SP: Why did you start Novia design studio? 

JW: Inspired by my creative space and comfortable space,
girlfriends picked my brain, until one suggest that I start my own company. Novia, aptly "girlfriend" in Spanish was born.

SP: As far as interior design, what are 3 major principles for you?

JW: There are no rules when it comes to Design, it can be unpredictable! I am really bent on succeeding. My innovative ideas and dynamic staff, and exceptional service define who we are. I believe it all starts with listening to clients needs, and coming up with a design that is clean, and yet simple.

SP: Everyone can tell a story when it comes to influences, what's some of yours?

JW: My apartment and my website eventually became the canvas for my vision, and let fly my passion for interior design. Also aspects of firm minimalism and use of space, with elements of art deco's streamlined geometric style(without the whole gloss thing), which often includes curved edges and clean lines. One person I admire very much is Sheila Bridges, whose passion and style are a great inspiration.

SP: What are the essential aspects of what Novia can do for the client?

JW: On-location consultation-with recognition that some clients just need a little advice. Novia Design also provides an in depth range of solutions that ensures the clients personality comes through within the space. Also complete  interior design-whether you need a total remodel or just a few suggestions for accessories, Novia Design endeavors to make the process a smooth one. We offer convenient e-design for clients in the USA-with a personalized design concept for furniture arrangement, suggestions for colors, ideas for accessories and vendor lists from which to purchase desired items. 

SP: Given that small creative services like yours face many difficulties, what are some things you think can be done to gain ground and more clients? 

JW:  Marketing our creative service via social networks, basic advertising to some degree, through the Internet and print, as well as competitive pricing in a slow-growth economy where people still need or want creative services.

SP: The world is becoming more interconnected by the day, do you think African Americans should use social networks to interact with other cultures, and learn of new things, or ideas and challenge themselves? 

JW: Definitely! I think its the best way for us to learn about and from others despite vast distances, while inviting them to learn more about who we are, in a first hand way. I also believe that it comes back to you and your endeavors, creative or otherwise. 

SP: Janelle, great interview, and thanks so much for taking the time. A pleasure, keep up the good work. #1-Mos Def: "Know that", from the album 'Black on both sides'. If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way"
Novia Design studio: apt #1
Photo courtesy of the studio.
Novia Design studio: apt #2 
Photo courtesy of the studio.

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