Friday, February 24, 2012


"The-Now-Age": by Taraka Larson @ The Clocktower Gallery(home of AiR-art international radio)A mix of spoken word, electronic visualization, and cult performance participation, 'the-now-age' was a moving scientific critique of symbolism, pop-culture, and social norms. When the lights were low or high the power resided within the voice(Larson)and was directed at the minds of the those present. When the image on the screen changed, the visual power melded with the voice and flowed into the crowd. Taraka Larson cleverly mapped out, in a slightly condensed way, the evolution of symbolism, which is and was a major part of religion. Contemporary conceptions of symbolism and time in the context of music, which makes possible her interaction with the audience, on a deeper level. 

Taraka Larson

Joe Ahearn

Taraka Larson

Nimai(Larson's sister)

Joe Ahearn: curator of the event.

From left to right: Jesse H Lebo(small press:
"Swill children"), Jon Kessler(moderator),
Hunter Hunt Hendrix(Litergy)

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