Thursday, February 9, 2012

MC Mondays @ Gallery MC

S.P cover #5- 2012,
on the cover
Milica Paranosic
MC Mondays @ Gallery MC. Articles & Photos By K.K.W

When It comes to interesting artists, characters, musical performances, great poetry, MC mondays @ GalleryMC is a seriously wicked gathering. "A gallery of rouges" in pursuit of their own personal creative best, and a damn good time.

The Brain-child of, and hosted by, composer/performer Milica Paranosic working with Gorazd(operator of GalleryMC); the last monday of every month brings together creative individuals, keen on sharing the better parts of themselves. Most if not all works presented requiring  minimal technical and production demand, which always makes for interesting results of varying degrees. 

Often enough when the artist has limited means they rise to the top, or regret the results. The feel of it is not unlike "salons" of old. The young, old, know, unknowns, seasoned veterans, and those just starting out, MC mondays is a virtual conduit for these, providing a steady flow of creative energy into the crowd, and out into the world. 

Milica Paranosic.
MC mondays is an open mic series and networking opportunity produced, curated and hosted by the composer/performing artist, Milica Paranosic and GalleryMC. And aside from being a platform for finished works by performers, performing artists, poets, etc, its also a development laboratory. It allows for a sort of 'trial and error' atmosphere, where the end result is always a "scene", a "happening". What it will bring forth into the world is something of the cafe culture and 'salons' that were the spawning grounds, for further acts of creativity. If you would like to know more, go or go "Art is the reason, art is the way"

"Spoken word" poetry
by Roger.

Remnants of a meeting after an MC monday.

Milica Paranosic

Milica's mother in the red, visiting her daughter
in New York this year.

Mrs Pehrson, a regular of MC monday.

Sinnel, spoken-word poet.

Sinnel, spoken-word poet.

Lynn Bechtold(right)

Margaret Lancaster 
Sinnel and his wife Maria.


Anonymous said...

Really good post, this is such an interesting endeavor,
I would really like to stop in sometime.

Kathy: Manhattan, NY

Anonymous said...

This seems like a cool sort of gathering, I like the idea. And the photos really give a good feel to the article.

David Laurent, Bklyn