Saturday, February 25, 2012


"Heart-Wommmen-3": A multidisciplinary piece by Jacques Perdigues. Article & photos by K.K.W

It was 4 minutes to 8pm as I walked to Theater-Lab @ 137 west 14th street, from  the Q-line at union square. Excited and apprehensive at the same time. In a small but very clean and comfortable room the crowd sat down not fully knowing what to expect.   
The projector began streaming imagery in time with music at the front of the room, while Nanette Stanley(emanating heart, soul, grace and beauty)began to speak from the back of the room. Her voice and movements haunting. It had such a strong force to it that she got to me, then walked gracefully to the front and disappeared behind the screen. Jacques and Julia(both powerful & beautiful with a force all their own)picked up perfectly where Nanette left off, drawing you in as the projected visuals bathed the two in changing colors. Their part started off with Jacques in the knitted skeletal rib cage on the left as Julia sat on the right knitting, symbolizing creation or the creative process. The dialog(interspersed between french and english)at time matched and or synced with the dialog of the projected images, reinforcing the feelings and emotions of the piece. It was very hypnotic.

The piece caused spikes of discomfort, distress, regret, remorse, shame, fear, longing, and sexual need in me. This is exactly what makes it powerful. The words are based on the poem "Femme" by Christian Rullier and also the paintings made by Jacques Perdigues(a series of growing network of intricate heart valves and vessels on large canvas, stunning to behold). At another point Nanette(the muse)comes back into play like silk gossamer over the raw emotion's and helps guide the journey, which peaks when Julia and Jacques come together in the screen box. Both the characters then switch places, symbolizing the male ready to love as the women begins to encase herself into the knitted skeletal rib cage, becoming the guardian of his heart. It all had a profound impact on me, making it hard at first, being at the after gathering. I felt like being alone, but soon warmed to the company of those around me. It was a wonderful night. 

"Based on Femmme, by Christian Rullier, HW3 is the raw, poetic perspective of a man through the eyes of a woman, exposing the genesis, the mother, the culture, the childhood, the fusion, the feeling of being in love, while trapped by the enclosing of the body". The piece stars Nanette Stanley, Julia Wilkins and Jacques Perdigues. Its about 55 minutes long, with its final showing on 2/25/12 @ 8pm. Theater-Lab is located @ 137 west 14th street in Manhattan and is operated by the wonderful Orietta Crispino. If you would like to know more, go, "Art is the reason, art is the way"
The Male: Jacques Perdigues

The female: Julia Wilkins(seated).

Jacques et Julia

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